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Forget IT Trouble.

We Build Strategies That Work.
Intivix offers managed and co-managed IT consulting services that let you stop worrying about problems, and empower you to focus on your business.

Growing Companies Can't Afford IT Slowdowns

Are you constantly running from one IT problem spot to the next?
Will your IT environment be able to support you as your business expands?
Is your current IT provider capable of giving you a strategy for the future?

Intivix is Your Reliable IT Consulting Partner


Prepare for the future by creating it yourself. Intivix helps you plan where your IT environment needs to go, and how to get there.


Strong businesses are built on relationships that last. Intivix will be here for you as you grow, making sure your IT keeps pace.


IT problems and security breaches can bring down a business. Intivix will keep you running, efficiently and securely.

Our IT Consulting Services Have You Covered.

Managed IT

• A plan for IT that helps you grow
• Rely on fast troubleshooting and active support
• Find new business insights using our tools

C0-Managed IT

Jointly develop strategy for the future
Keep things running with proactive support
Streamline with monitoring and automation


Protect yourself from cybercrime
Guard your internal systems
Maintain regulatory compliance

Your Growth is Our Mission

Since our founding in 1996, Intivix has been at the forefront of managed IT service providers. We have appeared on numerous lists of distinctions, and have been recognized for our innovation. More than that, though, we’ve helped hundreds of growing companies get back to focusing on their business, rather than their IT.

That’s what we’re all about here at Intivix: your successful growth. We understand how stressful and overwhelming IT problems are, which is why we work alongside you to create a stronger, more secure IT ecosystem. Protect your company and grow with confidence by working with us today.

Intivix & You

A Plan for Success​

Step One

Schedule a Call
Click the link below to get in touch with our experts. We'll begin to understand you and your goals.

Step Two

Get Your IT Action Plan
Based on where you are, and where you want to go, Intivix will craft a tailored plan for a more mature IT system.

Step Three

Implement & Grow
Supported by a partnership with Intivix, your IT will be able to carry your growing company far into the future.

It's easy to get IT services that help build your future.

Achieve your vision with IT that actually helps you get there.

Struggling with your IT can feel like a never-ending drain on your time and energy. As your frustration with the problem mounts, so does your anxiety over not being able to focus on growing your business.

At Intivix, we understand how tiresome it is to stumble from one IT fire to the next. We believe things should be different. You shouldn’t have to be an IT expert to build a successful business.

Intivix uses a proven, repeatable process to strengthen, streamline, and secure your IT environment. First, we assess your current system, as well as perform a discovery of your company and goals. We focus on security for your IT environment, and we bring in all of the necessary elements of a modern workplace. With your IT ecosystem taken to the next level, we educate you and your team on best practices, and verify everything through metrics and data review.


The biggest benefit to R.L. Brown Construction for working with Intivix is Peace of Mind. I rest well at night knowing when I walk into the office the next day, our systems are fully operational, and our team will be productive and efficient.
Dave Brown
R.L. Brown Construction, Inc.

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The Team that helps you grow

At Intivix, our responsive services, expert consulting, and clear strategy will let you focus on tomorrow's growth, rather than today's problems.