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5 Reasons Why Our Clients Love Us & Why We’re Thankful

The Intivix family is very thankful for all of our clients. And our clients feel the same about us thus we are a reliable IT service provider.

Thank You

This is what makes us a Reliable IT Service Provider to them:

Faith and Trust

“Intivix has been instrumental in helping us grow and update our systems from green screens to the PC/Internet/tablet paradigm. I’m impressed with Intivix support – they are always available and present solutions for all of our concerns. We have complete faith and trust in them. They are a valuable partner.”

~Chuck Oliver, Ford Store of San Leandro~

Peace of Mind & Look No Further

“M&A is very computer/server dependent. Having Intivix as our IT source has created peace of mind that enables our staff to focus on job performance, not computer aggravation.

The Intivix support staff is always helpful with single computer issues – that is, when a computer system acts up, they can help troubleshoot the problem quickly and efficiently.

When computer systems need replacing, while our staff can do the basic setup and installation, there are various protocols within the server environment that can only be addressed by Intivix. Intivix can solve things rapidly and expertly.”

~Chris Milliken, Monk & Associates~

“The Team at Intivix has been incredible. From the moment we started working with them, we knew they were the right partners for us. Everyone from the leadership team and on down the tree is dedicated to making sure DGDG runs smoothly, efficiently, and securely. Everyone is extremely knowledgeable and eager to help at any moment. Intivix is truly invested in their clients with a strategic mindset.

Working with Intivix is a MUST. Look no further.”

~Jeremy Beaver, Del Grande Dealer Group~

Competency & Experience

“The single biggest benefit of having Intivix as our IT provider has been the ability to focus all our attention on our business and not spend any time worrying about our computer systems. Intivix not only solves any IT problems we have but keeps on top of software license renewals and upgrades, as well as hardware life expectancy upgrades.

My suggestion to someone considering hiring Intivix as their IT provider is that first, there’s no question about their competency and experience and their people are top notch. The question then becomes a business decision. For our company, we did the math. The cost of hiring Intivix as our full-time provider wasn’t much more than the hourly fee for our previous IT provider on an as-needed basis.

The benefit to having Intivix on the job full time far outweighs the minor additional expense we incur. The bottom line is that our IT systems are more stable, and our data is better protected than before we worked with Intivix.

We also have an IT plan in place for the future. Our business faces increased challenges every year. With Intivix, IT isn’t one of them. Intivix has been a great partner for our business.”

~Scott Smith, Union Fish Company~

Unbiased IT Advice

“We get a real sense that lntivix is committed to our success. They are friendly, responsive, and we know they are working with us to make sure our processes and systems are resilient and secure. lntivix is committed and focused on providing excellent customer service, implementing security best practices, and counsels us with expert and unbiased IT advice. We have worked with other IT firms before choosing lntivix. When lntivix came onboard, we quickly realized what our previous IT providers never delivered on.”

~Angela Crescenzo, Polaris Greystone~

Truly Reliable

“Over the past years, we have witnessed the emergence of a company that’s very dedicated to their customers. The knowledge, expertise and professionalism of the Intivix staff have served us well. Whenever we request their help to resolve any IT issue, the thoroughness, steadfastness and time their staff applies to seek out solutions demonstrate their commitment to their customers.

One of the best benefits we have received since contracting with Intivix is having a truly reliable and expert source that we can depend on to assist us at any given time. Additionally, the advice and help they provide about equipment and software research for our various and continued growth needs have played a beneficial and significant role in our company’s IT development. Our two companies seem to have grown hand-in-hand.”

~Georgette Guerra, Italfoods, Inc.~

What Are We Thankful For?

What the team at Intivix is saying:

Trust and Peace of Mind

“What do our clients love about us? I think that at the end of the day it boils down to trust and peace of mind. We’re committed to taking that extra call to follow up… that extra step to make sure that the solution is working, and systems are operating as expected. Another thing I believe they appreciate about us is that we have our clients’ backs; we take ownership of the solutions we implement, and our clients know that we take this responsibility very seriously.

So, we’re thankful that our clients have entrusted us… That they see the value of partnering with us… That they love our team and that our team takes care of business and helps them be as productive, efficient, and ultimately as successful as possible.

And I’m personally thankful that we have long-time clients, in some cases from the very beginning our company – who are still with us to this day. Growing together, and being successful together…

It’s a chain of success, a committed leadership team, great teammates, awesome clients, who, all working together, generate shared success. And the cycle continues.”

~Rob Schenk, Intivix Partner~

Valued Partners

“Most of our clients see Intivix as Valued Partners, not just vendors. We are thankful that they look to us and trust what we are doing.”

~Seth Heitzmann, Intivix Partner~

Diverse and Successful Client Base

“Our clients appreciate our skilled and courteous engineers, our strategic and forward-thinking solutions, and our scalable, security-minded infrastructure builds.

We are thankful for a diverse and successful client base, a dynamic and proactive team of engineers, and a vibrant and evolving Intivix culture.”

~Matthew James, Intivix Partner~

Providing Value To Our Clients

“The team at Intivix isn’t satisfied unless we’re providing value to our clients however simple or complex their IT environments might be. Every client is important, and we continually strive to earn our place as their trusted technology partner.

The Intivix culture places a high value on “sticktoitiveness”– taking accountability of an issue and shepherding it from intake to resolution, all with an eye toward doing what’s situationally and holistically correct, even when a simpler, but suboptimal shortcut allures. It’s hard to dictate this approach to service delivery; one has to live it. I’m thankful that the Intivix staff isn’t just paying lip service to this value; they’re embodying it day by day.”

~Edward Griffin, Intivix Partner~

What is Intivix most thankful for? Those of you who trust us to keep your IT running reliably and securely.