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An Adventurous Summer For Team Intivix

Remember the first day of school when your teacher would ask what you did over the summer? Well, we did that…sort of. We asked our team what their summer adventures were because, let’s face it, after the year that shall remain nameless, we could all use a bit of an adventure. And, if you’ve read even a few of the focus on Intivix team members, you can pretty much guess that the word adventure means different things to different people.  You know, like snorkeling with manta rays, hiking through a National Park, visiting 15 States in 30 days or even stopping at all of the wineries in Napa Valley. All adventures. All opportunities for a little fun, and relaxation.

Well, members of the Intivix team had some pretty awesome adventures over the summer. And, no two summers were alike – we’re not surprised by that. Our team is unique, which is what makes them great. And their adventures definitely match their uniqueness. You have to check these out!


After 15 years, Arnold married his best friend…again and on their anniversary! This time was extra special because they had both of their beautiful children to witness the exchange of their vows. As you may have read in ‘Meet The Man, The Myth, The Legend – Arnold, ‘ Hawaii is close to the family’s heart.

Initially, Arnold planned to surprise his wife, Myra, with the wedding and renewal of their vows. After thinking about it, he chose to tell his wife so she could pick out something special to wear. “I figured she would want to dress up instead of wearing beach attire. And I’m glad I did,” Arnold said with a laugh

Arnold, you are an amazing person all around. You have a beautiful family & we grateful you shared your story with us! BTW, we are glad you told her, too! 😄 #relationshipgoals


Brandi took her daughter, Hayden, on a San Francisco scavenger hunt at the beginning of summer. Together they walked the historic waterfront finding clues and answering questions. Along the way, they at the Iconic Ferry Building, where Brandi snapped a cute picture of Hayden in front of the flower wall.

It is no secret to us; Brandi LOVES animals! So, it is no surprise that she volunteers at the Sweet Farm in Half Moon Bay. She looks forward to her weekend farm chores & spending time with all the animals. Gizmo, the cow, is giving her a big hug for the scratches & care she gives him.

Just before Hayden went back to school, Brandi and some of her extended family vacationed on the island of Hawaii for an 8-day stay. They hiked to several different waterfalls, snorkeled with turtles, and watched the sunset every evening. “Most of all, I enjoyed being with my family and night snorkeling with manta rays. They are such beautiful creatures.”

We are pretty sure you love animals more than most people, but that’s ok because you always seem to make sure your tribe here at Intivix is cared for & doing well.


For the last few years, David had been planning to get a paddleboard so he could navigate around the Willamette River that runs by his house here in Oregon. Specifically, there is an island that he always wanted to visit. This summer, he was finally able to achieve his goal and more! David and his daughter have been using the board more as a canoe to explore all sorts of new areas along the river. It has become so popular that he now needs to get boards for the rest of the family. One of David’s next goals is to explore a nearby backwater where the remains of an 1860s steamboat called the Echo lie undiscovered.

A few weekends ago, David and his daughter drove out to visit his favorite spot on the coast, Devil’s punchbowl. “I was surprised by the amount of fog we encountered, but it was still quite beautiful. I enjoyed searching the beach with my daughter for agates and shells to take home. We treated ourselves to ice cream and some amazing views.”
~ David

You always have the most beautiful pictures to share. We always enjoy hearing about your land and the adventures it provides! And we love the father/daughter bonding time! Next company event #DavidsFarm #LivingTheLife

Stephen J

This summer, Stephen was able to get out and do many of the items he missed during the height of the Pandemic.

At the end of July, he took a backpacking trip with some of his closest friends and partner. Their adventure took them to Duffy Lake, OR, located in the Mt. Jefferson Wilderness area. They were concerned about the camping condition as 2020 saw some extensive & horrible wildfires that swept through Central Oregon. Thankfully the spot was spared, among others.

The group had a 4-mile hike in and back (8 total) to get to the site, which gently reminded them of how long it had been since they last took a trip like this. Many breaks were taken.😁 

“It was all worth it when we finally got to the lake. Much of the trip was spent relaxing both at the site and out on the lake. Thankfully it wasn’t as hot as it was supposed to be, but still warm enough that made diving into the cool, clear lake enjoyable. Saturday night, the clouds finally cleared, and we had the most beautiful stargazing view and slept out under the stars.”
~ Stephen

We are happy you and your friends were able to get out and enjoy the great outdoors! With views and a night sky like that, count us in for the next trip.

Matthew J

As many of you may know, Matthew loves to travel, and travel he must.

Over the summer, Matthew took an extended road trip through 21 states across the West and Mid-West. He drove 8,000 miles, visited 4 national parks, and even made time to visit with Kyle and Stephen in St. Louis, MO.

Matthew enjoyed the highlights of Yellowstone National Park, driving through Montana and Wyoming, and visiting towns such as Grand Rapids, MI, and Memphis, TN.

Your road trip sounds like it was so much fun. We took a vote, and we agree, a video journal is needed when you take your next trip! It’s either that or we all try to pack in your car – you chose.  😋


Rob and his family took some time to enjoy the beach at Black Sands Beach in Shelter Cove, CA. They also visited Humboldt County, where they took in beautiful views while hiking through the Redwoods and had some bonding time with the in-laws.

Rob also met some friends in Las Vegas. They took in the energetic vibe the city has to offer but found a rooftop bar where they were able to sit back and watch the sunset over the desert.

Many of the pictures are from the rooftop bar & restaurant; they even got a snap of a famous Ben. Did you spot him?

Your summer adventures look like the perfect mixture of family, friends, and fun. If you ever want to take up a second career, we hear the paparazzi are always looking for some good photographers.  😎


This summer Shawne became a 1st time grandma “BG – Best Grandma”! Her son, Tye, and his long-time girlfriend, Toni, welcomed their son, Jaxson Cooper, into the world on July 12th.

Shawne flew from the sunshine state of Florida to the beautiful Great Falls, Montana, where she gleefully basked in the greatness of being a new grandmother. I could hear the tears of pure joy as she explained, “My heart has never been so full.” She was able to spend 10 beautiful days holding and caring for Jaxson. The family also spent time exploring Wood Lake in the Lewis Clark National Forest. “It is absolutely the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen. The sunsets in Montana are incredible, and I cannot wait to go back!”

Congratulations, Shawne! Your tribe here at Intivix could not be happier for you. And you must keep sharing those adorable pictures of Jaxson with us.


Sherwin and his family enjoyed a 5-day trip to Oahu where they enjoyed every grain of sand between their toes, soaking up the sun, relaxing, and most of all, family dinners & spending time with each other.

Though relaxing is always a vacation favorite, the family favorite was surfing and visiting waterfalls.

Sherwin, why does it not surprise us that your entire family is athletic? #wearehereforit

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