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What’s The Easiest Way To Attach A File In Outlook?

If you’re like me, you use Outlook every day. Then you must should know how to attach a file in Outlook.  Before Microsoft provided this little “trick,” you had to go into your browser to attach a file when using Outlook in Office 365. And, if you’re like me, you can forget where you stored the file you need. Now you’re “knee deep” in your browser search, wasting precious time. This tip will help.


Create your email like you normally would. Type in the name of the person you want to send the email to in the “To” line. Then add your subject and message.

Go to the top ribbon and click on “Insert.”

Then go to “Attach File.”

Outlook lists all of your recent documents.

Click on the document you want to share.

Now you’re ready to send the email with your attachment!

I know this is a little thing. But all the little things can add up and help you save a lot of time and frustration!

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How To Set Up A Distribution List in Outlook

If you want to send a message to your entire staff, a list of committee members, or to any group of people, here’s what to do:

Go to your Home ribbon.

Select New Items.

Choose More Items > Contact Group.

    • Or press Ctrl+Shift+L.
    • In the People section, select New Contact Group or New ItemsContact Group.

Go to Name and create a name for your distribution list. This is what you will use to address your message.

In the Contact Group ribbon click Save & Close.


Note: You can add new members to the distribution list whenever you want.

How To Add Members To Your Contact Group From Your Outlook Contacts

Double-click the group in Outlook People if it’s not already open.

Go to Add Members on the Contact Group tab.

Choose From Outlook Contacts.

Use search to find your address book entry and highlight all the contacts you want to add.

Select Members.

Note: You can search for names, email addresses, and any other criteria to add many recipients at once.

Want To Add Members Who Aren’t In Your Outlook Address Book?

Select Add Members

In the Contact Group Ribbon choose New E-mail Contact.

In Display Name key in a name for the contact.

Note: You can use an email address or create another name that works for you like “Committee Member.”

Under E-mail address, enter the email address you want to add to the group.

Note: Uncheck Add to Contacts if you want Outlook to stop adding the new address as an individual contact to the address book.

Click OK.

Go to Save & Close to save your changes to the distribution list.

Need To Share A Contact Group?

You can share your Outlook contact group/distribution list with others, so they don’t need to go through all the steps above. Here’s how:

Go to People.

Search for the group you want to share.

Double-click the group.

From the Actions group on the Contact Group ribbon tab, choose Forward Group > As an Outlook Contact.

Note: Using the Outlook Contact format allows the people you’re sharing with to quickly import the group. (see below)

Address the message to the person you want to share with. Click Send

How To Import An Outlook Contact Group Someone Shares With You

Open the message with the Contact Group file.

Click on the down triangle next to the Outlook attachment.

Choose Open from the menu that pops up.

Select File in the group window that just opened up.

You should now be on the Info sheet.

Go to Move to Folder.

Choose Copy to Folder from the menu that pops up.

Select your Contacts folder or any address book folder.

Click OK.

Close the group window.

Note: You can do this by choosing In Internet Format (vCard). The group’s names and addresses will be attached as a simple text file instead of a vCard.

Want To Send A Message To Your Distribution List?

Go to File >New >Mail Message.

Click To.

Highlight the distribution list you want the message to go to.

Click Bcc.

Enter your email address in the line next to the To button.

Note: You can create a different name that describes the group in the To line. Be sure to enter this name in front of your email address and enclose your address with < and >. Here’s what it might look like: Committee

Click OK.

You can edit your message here if you want.

Click Send and the email will go to everyone on the distribution list, and to you as well!

Good job!

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