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Whether your organization runs one dealership or has a dozen scattered throughout the Bay area, the Intivix team is the right technology partner for you!

We deliver high-impact technology implementation and management that helps you keep your clients happy and enables your staff to make more sales. Our team delivers enterprise-level IT support for auto dealerships. Intivix specializes in working with the top automotive dealerships and groups in California. We have helped numerous groups remove the burden of IT.

Long ago, your organization moved past the simple tools of a computer at the parts desk and a telephone in each office.  You’ve embraced computer technology and online solutions. These tools make your business more efficient and profitable. But that also means that you need more specialized IT support. Dealership groups functioning at your level require automotive IT support that is specifically tailored to your organization.

That’s why we provide auto dealers throughout the Bay Area with Automotive IT solutions that fit their individualized needs. We’ll work to integrate your Dealer Management System with your manufacturers’ requirements, and we provide support and employee training services to maximize your technology investment.

Improved functionality and online solutions combine to give auto dealers the capability of improving client satisfaction and increasing sales.

Just to give you an idea what the Intivix team can do for your business… We give you efficient and secure infrastructure you can count on, computer systems that are updated and patched, Internet access that is fast and reliable, proactive network maintenance, 24/7 availability, and fast response times – for any concerns that may arise.

But that’s just the foundation of what the Intivix team can do for you as the right IT partner for your dealership group.

By leveraging the most recent innovations and strategies in IT support for auto dealerships, we will give you a smarter supply chain, use Big Data and analytics to empower your sales force, and lower your cost of technology ownership.

Leverage Automotive IT Support to Increase Your Sales & Improve Client Satisfaction

Our team at Intivix has over 20 years of experience in delivering IT support for auto dealerships. We’d be happy to bring our automotive IT support expertise to your group of dealerships.

Our goal is to increase your sales and help you improve client satisfaction. Improving your level of technology will help you do just that. We will consult with you to determine your dealership’s specific needs, and we’ll train your employees on how to use the new software.

Some IT companies promise solutions that ignore your current hardware or your present sales environment. They’ll provide you with a pre-set, inflexible solution that doesn’t mesh with your changing needs. That couldn’t be further from what we do at Intivix.

Leverage the Best Automotive IT Support ByPartnering With Intivix

We provide IT support for auto dealerships in the Bay Area with a host of IT services, including the following:


You have specific software that your manufacturer requires you to use. We’ll make sure that it works well with your other dealer management systems so you can get the most productivity out of your day’s efforts.


Your staff has to get their work done and don’t have the time, the interest, or the expertise to do automotive IT support. We’ll proactively do the maintenance you need so your workforce has the uptime they require to get the job done.


Your data is important! But it cannot be compartmentalized into silos within the organization. Your parts department, sales team, executive office, and even the repair bay need access to timely data. Data drives efficiency. We’ll make sure everyone has access to the information they need.


Your departments, software, and online tools need to “talk” to each other so your dealership can be more productive! We’ll make that happen.


You have hired some great people, and they are skilled at what they do. But do they have the knowledge they need to protect your company and your client’s data while they are online? Did you know that more than 40% of cyber-intrusions can be traced to employee error? We’ll help you avoid that pain by training your staff in safe online computing.

Along With other software packages, Our IT support for Auto dealerships includes help with integrating and utilizing these applications.

  • CDK (formerly ADP)
  • Dealertrack DMS
  • MotoSnap
  • Reynolds & Reynolds
  • VIN Solutions
  • eLead
  • Easy Deal
  • Merlin
  • Marketing 360
  • AutoDealer Plus
  • BiT Dealership Software
  • Others!

Auto Dealership Physical Security Integrations Work Best with Proper IT support

Computer support for car dealerships isn’t just about the security and functionality of your computers and data. It’s also about the physical security of your staff and your facility. To help you ensure the safety of your physical locations, we work to integrate alarm systems and access systems along with surveillance camera audio/video feeds into your network. By doing this, we make all this security information available to you and your security team on any internet-connected device – desktop or mobile.

It all begins with an assessment of your existing IT environment and automotive IT support situation. We’ll determine your existing resources and what IT solutions you need to improve the flow of communication and increase the accuracy of the information being shared.

We’ll work directly with you to figure out which systems will maximize your dealership’s performance, and how you can use new software as your needs change. Give us a call now at (415)-549-9681 or send an email to [email protected], and we’ll get started!

Who are you going to trust when it comes to IT support for auto dealerships? The Intivix team are the experienced, friendly IT professionals. So, give us a call!