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Azure Cloud, What and Why Should a Business Migrate?

Many businesses in the industry don’t realize what’s going on behind “closed doors,” or in other words, behind their on-premise data center.

Common issues such as loss of productivity, money, space and power can create a headache but only require a simple fix.

Microsoft’s Azure cloud by Intivix offers the solution to all of those problems, among many others.

Hardware infrastructure can get expensive and business data can become overcrowded in an archived file. In order to keep your business up and running smoothly and successfully, Azure cloud can put money back into your pockets and enhance productivity across the board.

Even better…migrating from on premise servers to the secure data center is quick and painless.

Here’s some of the many other ways Azure cloud can help:

The privacy issue is covered—No need to spend time worrying about a security breach. Azure cloud is committed to the protection and privacy of your company’s data.

It covers 19 regions and countries—This gives your business endless opportunities when it comes to keeping your clients happy and running various programs at the same time, no matter where you are on the map.

You’re backed up 24/7—If something were to happen to your on premise data center, how would you retrieve the information? With Azure cloud and its fully redundant data collection qualities, your data is easily retrievable.

So, why else should businesses migrate from typical data centers to Azure cloud?

It works with the IT you already have in place by integrating both environments, offering hybrid storage solutions, and giving you both options at a lower cost.

If you want to speed up your day-to-do processing, save money, give your business more flexibility, and open yourself to more business possibilities, Microsoft’s Azure cloud from Intivix is the answer. Contact us to learn more.