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Does Your Bay Area Transportation Business Run Faster Than The Road Runner?

Don’t Let Tech Problems Slow You Down. — Get Outsourced IT Support!

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Do you remember the Road Runner? The Warner Brothers cartoon character with it’s iconic “Beep! Beep!” sound ran faster than Wile E. Coyote and outsmarted him in each of the forty-eight cartoons they appeared in together.

What two business lessons did we learn from the Road Runner?

  1. You have to be faster than your competition.
  2. You have to outsmart your competition.

In public transportation businesses such as taxi services, shuttle services, city tour operations, charter bus companies, etc. your speed and competitive edge matters.

  • If your front office technology is slow and your employees cannot respond quickly to booking requests and client questions, you begin to lose business.
  • If your IT systems don’t receive regular maintenance, you will experience frequent downtime that leaves both drivers and passengers in the dark.
  • If your in-house network and your mobile network aren’t synchronized for optimal performance, fare collection systems grind to a halt – frustrating drivers and infuriating clients.

There must be a better way.

Your business, your staff, and your clients deserve an IT system that is continually maintained and monitored. This scenario keeps your fleet of vehicles seamlessly connected to dispatch and enables them to process fares in a secure, mobile environment.

Intivix is the IT support company in the San Francisco Bay area that supports the IT needs of public transportation companies just like yours.

  • Charter Bus Companies
  • Tour Companies
  • Taxi Services
  • Shuttle Services
  • Limo Services
  • Town Car Services

If your company relies on computer systems and vehicles with four wheels or more, the Intivix team will help you become more efficient through customized high-impact IT support.

Learn from the Road Runner – Outsmart Your Competition

Companies throughout San Francisco close every day.


Lots of reasons, but chief among them – they weren’t smarter than the competition. They didn’t have a competitive edge.

What’s your competitive edge?

Chances are, you don’t have one.

A competitive edge is something that allows you to do business faster, easier, or more efficiently than your competition.

Let me introduce you to subscription-based, outsourced IT support.

Until now, you’ve likely been doing your own IT maintenance and calling in a break/fix contractor when you can’t figure something out, or things have gone sideways.

And until now, this approach has pretty much worked for you.

But things have changed.

  • You are finding that you don’t have the time that you used to have to dedicate to IT maintenance.
  • You want to dedicate your time to strategies that will help your business grow – not solving IT problems.
  • You are tired of trying to find tech help and paying surprise hours and materials bills just to keep things going.

So, it’s time for a change.

The Intivix team offers a full range of IT services within a monthly subscription package. Subscription IT support puts the computer support professionals of Intivix on your side!


Because in this business model, we are most profitable when we keep your business technology running at full speed without disruption or downtime.

In a subscription IT services scenario, we become your competitive edge!

  • We keep your front office IT environment secure and operating efficiently.
  • We provide streamlining and support for dispatch to driver technology.
  • We ensure that your fare payment systems are up-to-date and available for your drivers and clients.

By partnering with Intivix, you gain an edge over the competition. What’s the advantage? Continuous IT support, maintenance, management, security, and operational monitoring. Our subscription IT services keep your business rolling while your competition is still googling to find the name and number of a break/fix computer guy.

Learn from the Road Runner – Run Faster than Your Competition

With a “Beep! Beep!” the Road Runner of cartoon fame would blow by Wile E. Coyote and leave him in a cloud of dust.

Wouldn’t you like to outrun your competition?

There’s no reason that you can’t.

You know your business inside and out.

You know the tweaks it would take to processes inside the office and in your fleet operations to gain the upper hand and claim a more significant share of the market.

You need an IT team that can implement those “tweaks” and find and utilize new technologies and process automation to give your company the competitive edge you deserve.

You don’t have to have faster vehicles or drivers with better personalities, but you do have to have reservation and payment systems that work flawlessly every time.

That’s where Intivix steps into the picture.

By harnessing the power of the subscription, IT management model, your public transportation business will have access to a 24/7 help desk for answers to your IT questions and fast response to any troubleshooting requests. We’ll keep your vital systems running and give your staff confidence in the use of your technology assets.

Having an entire IT support team on your side brings your San Francisco public transportation business into the 21st century and allows you to continue operating while your competition is still waiting for the break/fix IT guy to show up.

What IT Services Does Intivix Offer San Francisco Public Transportation Companies?

Strategic IT Services such as Cyber Security, Network Design, Managed Services, PC and Mac Support, Business Continuity Planning, and Mobile and Tablet Support.

Cloud Services such as Office 365 & G Suite Support, Secure File Sync and Share, Azure Site Recovery, and Secure Single Sign-On.

We offer you the opportunity to overhaul your IT systems and optimize them, so they work for YOUR processes, YOUR staff, and YOUR business model.

It’s time to take action.

Think smarter than your competition and get the speed your company deserves by partnering with Intivix.

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