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Intivix Congratulates Berkeley Honda on Its New Landmark Location

Intivix would like to congratulate one of its clients, Berkeley Honda on their recent move into a new facility. Often, a business finds a great new location and moves into it and that’s the end of the story, but not so with Berkeley Honda. For 10 years, they had their eye on one specific location, the Art Deco Building at 2777 Shattuck Avenue (built in 1940), in Berkeley, California. The building was originally a bowling alley.

The Trials and Tribulations

As the Honda dealership tried to move forward in purchasing this property, they faced opposition from the surrounding LeConte neighborhood.  Local groups believed that putting a Honda dealership in the location would reduce parking in an already congested area. They were also concerned because the lovely building was designed by architect David Trachtenberg. The structure was once home to Any Mountain and Berkeley Bowl and under the jurisdiction of the city’s Landmark Preservation Commission.

In order to change the mind of the commission and local residents, Berkeley Honda made quite a few concessions.  Owners of Berkeley Honda, Tim Beinke and his family, collaborated with the Board and met each requirement of the commission. Tim Beinke made it clear that he would comply with their requests and be a great neighbor and positive force in the community.

“We want to be great neighbors,” he said. “We have reached out to the community since we have been here. As a small example, each morning, we purchase donuts and pastries for our clients from one of our neighboring businesses. It has been a very positive start.”

Making the Required Concessions

One of the issues was a plan to build an addition along Stuart Street, which runs alongside the dealership. This idea was scrapped and instead 4,000 square feet was added to the rear of the building. The dealership also works hard to keep as many cars inside the building as possible. This helps eliminate any parking problems or traffic congestion. Clients coming to the dealership for repairs, drive through the building on Shattuck Avenue and leave their car inside. The dealership works to prevent oil or other chemicals from spilling onto the floors.

During this 10-year process, Berkeley Honda faced complications from the Honda Corporation, California state laws, the Landmark Preservation Commission and local residents.  Most businesses would have given up long before but the Beinke family had a vision for refurbishing the art deco structure. Now that they’ve been allowed to move in, they say that most residents believe they will be a positive force in the community.

How Intivix Helped with the Move

Intivix worked with the Beinke family and staff at Berkeley Honda to handle all the IT technology aspects of the design and move, including connecting the network between multiple Berkeley Honda sites. For several months during the construction, Intivix worked with the ownership, general contractors, sub-contractors, and vendors for a wide range of installations.

Kraig Kluba from Intivix was the lead on this project. He worked tirelessly to ensure a smooth transition to the new location for Berkeley Honda.

“The systems came down at the San Pablo facility on Wednesday afternoon and were online in the new Shattuck facility by Thursday morning,” Kraig said in a comment. “There was no loss of productivity. Cars were being serviced and sold on opening day. The process was well planned and went smoothly. And our work was made even easier by the cooperation we received from all the great folks at Berkeley Honda.”

Intivix installed a high-tech secure wireless and wired IT system for Berkeley Honda that will be scalable for years of dependable usage. The system is secure and includes the latest technology to protect the company’s assets.

A Long History of Happy Clients

Intivix has been in business since 1996 providing strategic guidance, managed IT support, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and risk and compliance services to companies in the San Francisco Bay Area. We believe that our longevity is borne out of our commitment to treat every client with utmost respect and care. We focus on providing companies with a high performing, secure and efficient technology platform, enabling them to leverage cloud systems, protect data securely, enable connectivity ubiquitously, and be as productive as possible. Our proactive network management strategy includes security awareness training and right-size security solutions. Intivix can perform a full in-depth security review or validate your network’s health with bite-size projects that provide targeted and significant impact.

How Intivix Can Help

Intivix partners with many well-known companies in the San Francisco Bay Area and provides strategic IT consulting, Cloud Services, and scalable solutions which helps companies most effectively leverage their IT investment dollars.

The Intivix team works closely with every client to implement the appropriate technology to help the company achieve its business goals. With its proven methodologies, the Intivix Method ensures that every project and service deployment is successful, on time, and on budget.