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Earthquakes, Power Outages, Criminal Activity… You Need Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Planning!

Things have been ticking along beautifully for your business for quite some time now.  It’s been good.

Consequently it’s hard to rest because you know that disaster could strike at any moment.  You know that you need a robust business continuity strategy.

After all, we keep hearing that the “big one” is coming. But even if it isn’t an earthquake that harms your business, there is still the very real possibility of difficulties caused by extended power outages, criminal activity, or human error.

It’s time to consider bringing in a managed IT services provider to assist you with business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

What exactly are the business continuity and disaster recovery plan?

Threats confront our businesses from every angle.  Business continuity focuses on assessing systems for potential vulnerabilities and implementing a proactive strategy to prevent critical data loss and/or breaches often confidentiality.

But a complete business continuity plan is much more than just preparing against data loss. It’s about knowing how you are going to power your facility, where you are going to get fuel for the generator, how you are going to stay in touch with and pay your employees, and a dozen other details. We have walked companies just like yours through a disaster plan process so they can have confidence moving forward.

Let’s face it…

Accidents happen with little to no warning. So, the importance of being prepared cannot be underestimated.  Attacks will come – natural or otherwise – but your business doesn’t have to be paralyzed and fail because of them. With disaster recovery and business continuity services firmly in place, you can rest assured that no matter what comes your way, your business stays on task and unharmed 24/7/365.

What types of disasters could derail my business, and what can business continuity do to combat them?

There are many issues that could cause a disruption of your company’s production and services.  Fire. Power Outage. Earthquake. Criminal Activity.
The one common thread is they take you out of the game.

Some of these disasters are predatory in nature and could potentially end your business.  Others are simply accidental and could cause your company to grind to a halt for a long while.
Regardless of the origins of the disaster, any downtime equates to a loss of productivity, and loss of productivity means loss of profits.  Identifying the potential disasters that could sideline your business, even temporarily, is an important first step in business continuity and disaster recovery planning.

Why do executives choose to bring in IT consultants to plan and enact business continuity strategies?

Natural Disasters

Mother Nature doesn’t always play nicely in the sandbox.  Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, and other weather-related phenomena can interrupt our workflow, sometimes for months at a time.  Since today’s businesses are vitally aligned with technology, when your computers go down, so do you.  Left without access to the internet and other critical technological systems, your entire organization is at risk. Money going out and not coming in is a major problem, and most businesses cannot survive in this state of limbo for long.

Power Outages

Whether there is construction going on directly outside your office doors. Even a thunderstorm might be to blame.  Definitely power outages are not fun for businesses. With the loss of power comes the loss of access to the important data and platforms you use to accomplish your work.  There is nothing worse than having the desire and drive to get a job done but not having the tools to do so!  When the lights go out, and your systems shut down, it can leave you wishing you’d thought about a disaster preparedness strategy much sooner.

Security Issues

Perhaps the most serious of all problems you could encounter is criminal behavior. Cyber predators really are lurking behind every corner with one sole intent—to take you down.  These predators make a living off breaching your security and gaining access to sensitive data and financial information.   They have been largely successful in employing their illegal techniques, and they would love to get their hands on your business.
Proactive IT assessment, monitoring, and defensive strategy will help keep your business protected 24/7.  Let us worry about protecting your company’s online assets and free you and your team to get more done in a workday.

What should I look for in a company to provide business continuity and disaster recovery planning for my business?

Here are some things your disaster preparedness strategy team should offer your company:

  • Written documentation and creation of a business continuity plan
  • Virtual server infrastructure
  • Replication of data in real-time to backup servers
  • Hosting of a host site for quick recovery
  • The overall strategy that encompasses the needs of the business and employees

90% of the battle with disaster recovery and business continuity is taking the time for the initial phone call and planning meetings. therefore, this is essential for your long-term goals.
Making the move to hire a top-tier IT support firm specializing in business continuity and disaster recovery planning can give you the confidence to face looming unexpected events.
The Intivix team will assess your current IT climate and provide a comprehensive action plan to protect your data, your business, and your people.

So, what is stopping you?  Total peace of mind is just a phone call away.  Contact Intivix at (628) 687-6130 or [email protected] now.

Intivix is your IT specialist team with the experience you need for business continuity and disaster recovery.

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