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How The California Alliance Is Helping To Keep Kids Safe

Information technology and cybersecurity. As an organization, this is where our focus, energy, and talents lie. There is another layer to Intivix, though. We support a company-wide initiative that we call Keeping Kids Safe. You’ll notice this emphasis in a number of the blog posts that we write – we educate and encourage parents and guardians to learn more about the dangers children may face in a very virtual world, and also provide information on how to keep kids cyber safe. And we recently upped the game for our Keeping Kids Safe initiative by entering into a partnership with the California Alliance!


The California Alliance

To say that we are excited is an understatement. It is more like thrilled, and that doesn’t cover it either. Here’s why. The California Alliance supports a member network of roughly 150 non-profit organizations that serve children, youth, and families, in California. These non-profit organizations represent programs and systems: such as child welfare, behavioral health, foster care, special education, family resource centers, foster family agency services, residential therapeutic programs for children. And many other necessary services. These organizations are supported by partnering with Cal State departments (such as Social Services, Healthcare Services, the Department of Education, and the Department of Probation and Development Services Department.

They review the current policies in place, provide guidance on whether they are working or could use some improvement.  They provide insight on the funding needs to support youth and family programs, and review and respond to policies and regulations that come out. Impactful work supporting the non-profit organizations that focus on helping the youth, and their families in our state.

The Catalyst Center

California Alliance doesn’t stop there. They recently launched the Catalyst Center, which provides training, technical assistance, and other services to their members, and also to the broader community. It’s an avenue for the California Alliance to provide support to the broader network of providers, youth and families with access to training and technical assistance.

An Interesting Year

Many organizations experienced an interesting 2020. The California Alliance and their member organizations have as well.  Members have had to quickly pivot to tele-health services, or they’ve had to adjust how they are handling in-person services where needed. The California Alliance has adjusted as well by meeting the need of reviewing policies in hours, instead of the typical week or two they’ve had in the past. But, the California Alliance, and the member organizations have met the challenges that they faced head on, to continue serving the best interests of youth in the community.

You Can Help

Intivix partnered with the California Alliance because we believe in their mission, goals and in the member organizations that they represent. In addition, we can support these organizations with our IT managed services and cybersecurity expertise, which we know aligns well with our continued initiative of Keeping Kids Safe.

We encourage other organizations to check into the California Alliance as well. The major benefit is knowing that your support helps the youth in the community. The additional benefits include being positioned as an expert in your field.  Also being featured in their newsletter and website, and connecting with the various member organizations.

We cannot say enough great things about the California Alliance. They are helping the youth and families in the community. Check them out when you have a chance, and if your organization is interested, connect with their Membership and Outreach Manager.

Here’s to keeping kids safer in 2021!