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Grab a cup of coffee, or your favorite caffeinated beverage, and get ready to meet an Intivix employee who never stops learning, growing, or sharing his knowledge, Dante Alabastro. Dante is a Help Desk Engineer at Intivix and has been with us for almost a year. Within this role, he focuses on answering client questions, which come in the form of a phone call, […]

One of our favorite iPhone features – and arguably the most under-rated – is AirDrop. Available to iPhone, iPad, and Mac users, AirDrop allows you to easily and securely share images, files, Voice Memos, videos, and more. By using AirDrop, users can share items of any size with nearby devices. We repeat, any size. Instead […]

While the public discourse around state-backed hackings has primarily focused on Russia, experts warn that China is the culprit behind numerous recent attacks. Dating all the way back to 2013, China targeted countries in Southeast Asia, argues Palo Alto Networks’ threat intelligence team Unit 42. (Not so) coincidentally, these countries, which include Myanmar, Taiwan, Vietnam, […]

Ransomware is a style of cyberattack that’s becoming more frequent and more sophisticated. “Ransomware attacks have quickly become a preferred method of hacking with the emergence of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies that enable hackers to receive their ransom without being tracked and identified,” explains Brookings’ Niam Yaraghi. “The popularity of cryptocurrency has soared in recent […]

How can a moustache help change the face of men’s health? By opening up conversations. Come on, admit it. You see a friend, colleague, or family member growing a handlebar moustache, and it causes you to ask…why? And it begins. The discussion and support for #Movember comes out, along with the story of why. And […]