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Monday at 9? No. Thursday at 3:30? Sophia can’t make it. The 19th at 10:45? Ugh, Nicholas is out of town.   Tired of asking those questions and getting those answers dozens of times a day when trying to schedule a call or a meeting? You’re not alone, and the folks in the Microsoft Office […]

Hacked. The term just sounds bad. Like what a cat does with a hairball. Well, it is bad. But if you’re on top of things, not so bad. Once again, I’ve taken a dive into a subject in which I’ve been a bit remiss. Oh, let’s get real. Very remiss. It’s similar to knowing there’s […]

I knew I had issues. But whereas most people have a fear of being without their phone, “Nophobia” (NoPHone-bia), I have a fear of LOSING my phone, “Lophobia”. It’s happened way too many times, hence my stock in Apple. Maybe you know the drill. First the “Oh, $@%T!” moment. The panic sets in, your palms […]

Southern hospitality. You’ve probably heard the phrase, but have you ever experienced it? If you’ve spoken with our Marketing and Sales Admin, Shawne Albritton, then you most definitely have!  Shawne’s been with Intivix for almost two years and plays a role in nearly all things marketing and sales related. From search engine optimization on the Intivix website to sharing our valuable […]

Each year, The Stride Center in Oakland prepares graduates to succeed in technology careers with classes in security, hardware, networking, and computer operating systems. Many of those graduates earn valuable certifications and work across the San Francisco Bay Area. This past February a new group was preparing to graduate, and The Stride Center invited Intivix […]