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Valentine’s Day is one of our most cherished holidays. Those of us with loved ones are looking for the perfect gift. Those of us looking for love are spending time, well, looking for love. Cyber-criminals are also out looking for information, but it sure isn’t love. The FBI reports that “Romance Frauds” or “Catfishing Scams” […]

Back in the grainy black and white days of sports, high tech was a coach in tight shorts holding an analog stopwatch. My oh my have sports and technology come a long way. Technology in sports these days can mean dozens of things, from athletes using wearables to maximize training, television networks adding computer-generated graphics […]

News of security breaches and corporate hacks have gone from internet forums to the front page. The bigger the company, the more significant the effect on the global economy, news cycle, and to other large corporations. While those events lead major news outlets, the threat is spreading to businesses of all sizes in every industry […]

  First seen in the online dating world, “ghosting” is abruptly ending communication with someone without notification or explanation. As rude and inconsiderate as it is, it’s happening with more and more regularity in places outside of dating. Companies across the United States are reporting that candidates, new hires, and current employees are ghosting them, […]