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Read the following alert before charging your phone tonight and from this day forward. According to the Newton, New Hampshire, fire department’s PSA message posted on social media; it seems as though charging a phone in bed poses a serious health risk and lethal safety concerns for you and your loved ones. Now it is […]

What Is Format Painter? This is a feature in Microsoft Office 365 that many don’t know about. It’s very useful but underutilized. So, what does Format Painter do? We’ll tell you here, and once we do, you’ll find it as helpful as we do. When Should You Use Format Painter? Whenever you want to use […]

Minor frustrations and significant downtimes with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) programs can put the brakes on your auto dealership’s revenue. You can’t afford this if you want to compete with other auto retailers in the Bay Area. What you need is an IT Services Partner that can help you troubleshoot CRM issues quickly and effectively. Intivix has the knowledge and experience to do this.

Want to know how to stop hackers from stealing your digital information? There are steps you can take. We call the process “Take a Byte Out Of Hacking.” With the right defensive tactics, you can stop hackers in their tracks. Hacking threats are becoming increasingly destructive. As great as the Internet is, it can bring […]

What Are You Doing for Spreadsheet Day? Spreadsheets: some people love them, some people hate them, and some people are a little afraid of them. No matter which category you may currently fall into, you probably know that spreadsheets are vital to the inner workings of organizations ranging in size from massive Fortune 500 companies […]