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Changing Our Habits, 1% At A Time

Well, we did it – we kicked off a book club! We started this book club to destress – reading can significantly reduce stress, even if you read for only a few minutes. And, let’s face it, after the past two years, we could all use a bit of a destressing!

But the other reason we decided to jump into a book club is that we are fans of continuous learning, both on the personal side and the professional side. So, our focus for our book club is books that emphasize self-improvement, self-care, personal or professional development, or success. The books we select, will “speak to us” in some way.

Who Is We?

Wait, who is this “we”? We are the two current book club members – Brandi and Shawne. We’re part of the marketing team at Intivix. We’ve worked together for a few years and plan to provide insights on the books selected based on our different backgrounds.

Digging In – Atomic Habits

Our inaugural book club book was Atomic Habits by James Clear. And it was selected because Brandi heard him speak at a conference and was impressed with the passion that came spilling out of him while discussing his book!

So, during the month of October, we read or listened to Atomic Habits, and we hope you did too. Because now, we are back together (virtually) discussing the book over video! And, spoiler alert, the book focuses on practical strategies to change habits each day. James Clear calls it the 1% rule – it’s simple, effective and can be life-changing.

If you read the book, or honestly, even if you didn’t, check out our review/discussion of the book.

We dig into:

  • What impacted us the most
  • What we learned about ourselves
  • Challenges we may encounter
  • Our biggest take-aways
  • How we’ve begun to implement the information in our daily lives
  • Whether or not we would recommend this book to others (another spoiler, we absolutely would!)

But don’t think that this is going to be a stodgy, boring book club video. Oh no, we show us, the real us, in this book review. We talk about how this book has motivated us to make our way back to the gym, how dogs can be great motivators, and how the tips can hopefully help with a disastrous kid’s bedroom situation (fingers crossed).

Check out the video and share your thoughts with us by emailing us at [email protected].

Which Book Is Next?

We also introduce the next book we’ll be reading for our book club, Girl Stop Apologizing by Rachel Hollis. Read it, or listen to it, and then join us next month for our review, and more unique insights on us!