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CISSP Cyber Security Certification Achieved By San Francisco IT Company

CISSPAnnouncing: Member of Intivix Team Proudly Receives CISSP Cyber Security Certification

Intivix is thrilled to announce that one of their dynamic IT professionals, Mark Simmerman, has received his CISSP Security Certification. The entire Intivix team is proud of Mark’s achievement and of his commitment to the demanding certification program and exam process. Mark’s globally recognized standard of achievement will be a huge asset to the Intivix team and will greatly enrich the client experience.

When responding to a formal security review or audit, having a CISSP involved in the process adds a higher level of credibility and assurance to external auditors, which can reduce the expense of follow up, re-inspections, and/or out of scope requests. With a CISSP on staff, Intivix can strategically address security and compliance demands for businesses to avoid these unnecessary follow-up audits.

Having CISSP certified technicians means that Intivix can offer clients:

  • Higher levels of assurance in the integrity and ethical standards of their tech-security measures,
  • Reduced levels of fear, uncertainty, and doubt about IT security,
  • Clear identification of risks and valuable risk prevention strategies,
  • Strategic consultation on setting realistic security goals and providing the plan to make it happen.

“In highly structured environments, like the military or federal government, you cannot manage top-tier systems without a CISSP credential,” says Intivix Partner, Rob Schenk. “Among many senior security consultants, the CISSP certification is the cornerstone of genuine credibility.”

“Having access to a CISSP is like turning on your headlights, and being able to occasionally use your high beams,” continues Schenk. “You get to where you want to go more quickly and safely, and you’re are not terrified along the way. That’s the exact support we strive to give Intivix clients, and we’re proud to have Mark on board as our resident CISSP.”

Wondering how your business can take advantage of enterprise-level cyber security support and strategy? Don’t wait for disaster to strike. The Intivix team holds a variety of security certifications designed specifically to support businesses. Reach out to an Intivix professional right away at (415) 543-1033.