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Cloud technology has changed the face of business today.

The advantages of using the cloud are undeniable.  The cloud provides companies the freedom and the flexibility they never had before.  The ability to quickly access, share, and secure files are of critical importance to your company, and the cloud makes all of this possible.

Are you using cloud services to the maximum potential for your business?

Is it time to hire a cloud IT support company to enable you to leverage even greater business advantages from the cloud?

There are a lot of components to consider with cloud services, and partnering with a leading managed IT services provider with cloud services expertise can be a wise investment.  From seamless cloud migration to the use of a private server to host your cloud services, an outsourced cloud IT support company such as Intivix has much to offer you—advice that can save you both time and money.

Need some cloud help NOW?  Contact us now at (415) 543-1033 or [email protected]. Intivix is your San Francisco-based expert cloud computing team ready to get to work for you. 

Why Hire Outsourced Cloud IT Support?

Let’s face it—both you and your team have more than enough work on your plates.  The cloud is functioning well for you.  You’re able to muddle along with the knowledge you have, and you certainly are getting benefits from what you’re able to do on your own.  Still, it would be nice to be freed up from pesky IT chores and to have an outside cloud computing team in place to help you maximize the infrastructure which is already in place.

Why outsource cloud management to professionals? Cloud services specialists have the tricks of the trade to help you increase productivity and office efficiency by making the most effective use of cloud technology.  So…this new IT management team saves you time and money!

What Should You Look for In an IT Cloud Support Company?

The bottom line is not all companies that offer cloud IT support are created equal.  Many will promise big but lack the experience to deliver.  There are many companies with cloud solutions knowledge vying for your business.  How do you know which cloud service company is right for you?

Cloud Computing Consultation

Your business is unique, and your cloud services should be as well.  Your cloud computing specialist team should provide customized cloud solutions scaled for a perfect fit for your business.

Data Migration Services

Migration to cloud services can be confusing.  Top tier cloud IT support firms can make this process virtually seamless for you.  Your cloud solutions expert team can help you navigate the various platforms available to you to enable remote access to critical files and folders.

When considering cloud migration, it is also important to give some thought to your cloud hosting services.  Leading cloud solutions companies like Intivix offer dedicated servers to host all of your cloud activity, a significant benefit to your company.

Security Assessments

Data security is paramount.  Intivix, the leading cloud IT support firm in the San Francisco area, offers assessments of your current system and provides solutions to shore up weaknesses and vulnerabilities.  These assessments are vital to understanding how well your infrastructure is functioning and just how strong your IT security is.  The structured comprehensive action plan that Intivix delivers, following the assessment, will improve your security and protect your data.

Server Support

Cloud hosting services can save you time and money.  Intivix offers you a variety of different service options to meet your needs.

Affordable, Monthly Fees

All the top-notch cloud IT support in the world won’t do you any good if you can’t afford it!  Intivix works with you, first to meet your cloud computing needs and second stay within your budget.

Proactive Cloud Services Management and Support

One of the best parts of outsourcing your cloud computing needs is the consistent support you receive.  No long wait times for computer repairmen.  No unexpected, expensive repair bills. Intivix continually monitors and improves your IT infrastructure to ensure what you have is one hundred percent secure and functioning properly.  We take the worry out of cloud services for you!

Ready to make the leap to outsourced cloud computing solutions?  The Intivix team is ready to put their skills to work for you!

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