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Robin Paniagua, Italfoods Inc. 

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With cutting edge technology advancing rapidly and business competition intensifying so quickly, there is no advantage in waiting to optimize our information technology. Every small business needs a firm like Intivix that keeps up and keeps us up on technology today. We leverage Intivix’s expertise to optimize our Internet operations, manage our networking infrastructure, and develop our technical direction. We are happy to have them as a resource.

Robin Paniagua

Operations Manager ItalFoods, Inc.

Intivix has been an invaluable resource, helping us with network conversions, security, maintenance and more. However, it’s more than that. They take the time and make an effort to get to really know us and what we do. They understand our role as a non-profit and provide solutions tailored to organizational goals.

John Schaver

CIO United Way of the Bay Area

John Nakamura & Laurie Bush, Albany Ford-Subaru

Angela Crescenzo, Polaris Greystone

Cathy Haworth, BioVentrix

Chuck Oliver, Ford Store of San Leandro

Dave Brown, R.L. Brown Construction, Inc.

Jeremy Beaver, Del Grande Dealer Group

Georgette Guerra, Owner, Italfoods

Robin Panigua, Director of Operations, Italfoods

Rafael Zabaljaurgui, IT Administrator, Italfoods

Mary Bordeaux, Bordeaux Consulting

Chris Milliken, Monk & Associates

Eb Bright, Nuelle

Ralph Yamasaki, Del Grande Dealer Group

Scott Smith, Union Fish Company

Tully Williams, Del Grande Dealer Group

John Schaver, United Way of the Bay Area

Jennifer Center, Industrial Railways Company

Sharol McQuarrie, McQuarrie Associates, Inc

Robert Corning, Social Policy Research Associates

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