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Cool Features Focused On Communication & Collaboration, From Microsoft Teams

Communication and collaboration have always been important. But in the work-from-home environment that we’ve been living in recently, communication and collaboration are more than important. They are critical to an individual’s success with an organization and necessary for an organization to thrive. We’ve watched this play out of the past few months with the boom in video conferencing, online collaboration, and, more specifically, the advancement of Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool, and it has been a solid option since it was released in 2017. The work-from-home environment, and the large numbers of organizations that plan to continue with this approach, has created a need for more from Microsoft Teams, and it is delivering. We dug in and outlined a few of the features that we believe can help you focus on better communication, organization, and planning in . Check out some of these cool features.

Speaker Attribution

Attribution can be added to speakers, along with live captions. This allows viewers to see who is speaking, along with what the person says.  This is extremely helpful when the activity in a home increases with little warning.

Pin An Individual Video

Presenters can now pin a specific individual during a presentation. This means that the speaker is now the main video for all participants.

Prevent Unmuting

The presenter can prevent attendees from unmuting themselves and can also allow specific attendees to unmute once they raise their hands. Talk about a necessary feature!

Read-Only Whiteboard

The presenter can share their digital whiteboard in a read-only mode if their goal is pure presentation. The presenter also has the ability to switch and allow others to edit and collaborate when the participant is given access.

Offline, With Full Access

When you need to just get work done, you can switch your “presence” to offline and this will signal your colleagues that you are in a project. The great part is, you’ll still have full access to Teams.

Presenter Feeds In Foreground

This handy functionality enables presenters to show their video feeds in the foreground of the content that they are presenting.

Breakout Rooms

Another cool collaboration feature that allows the meeting organizer to move participants into smaller groups for further collaboration on a given topic. The organizer can bounce between the small groups and even send announcements to all breakout rooms as needed.

Meeting Recaps

Recordings, transcripts, files that are shared, and the chat histories are now being stored in SharePoint, after the meeting. This comes in handy when a participant needs to refer back to some information or may have missed something due to a home-situation.

Relevant Search

The search functionality is changing and will now return results that are based on relevance to the user/searcher, and based on your past interactions. Think of it as a smart search.

AI Powered Noise Suppression

Another feature that nods to work-from-home scenarios. Participants will no longer heat background noises, like a dog barking or delivery trucks.  And, there is the added ability to control how much noise suppression a user wants.

Cortana Voice Assistance

Teams meeting room devices equipped with Cortana voice assistance means that users can adjust/control the settings for their specific meeting without the need to touch the device. A handy feature, that seems to have a direct connection to our current times.

Custom And Blurred Backgrounds

Another work-from-home favorite, a custom background for all users, or the background can be blurry. This is a great way to minimize distractions and limit what others can see in your work-from-home situation.

Teams Templates

For those creating new teams within Teams, there are customizable templates to get you going in the right direction.

Customize Notifications

The notification settings section provides you with the opportunity to decide which notifications and activity are important to you.

Features Specific To Industries

In addition to the features above, industry-specific features are also rolling out. Education, Government, and Healthcare have unique features that align with the work they do every day.

The bottom line is that if you are using Microsoft Teams, your experience and ability to collaborate has been amplified. This, in turn, can help you be more productive and organized this year. And we will not be surprised when more features roll out throughout 2021 – we’re looking forward to them!

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