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A Dash Of Tech and A Dollop of Family

Family. Every once in a while you meet someone that embraces, and embodies family so much that you hear it, and feel it, in every component of the conversation you have with them. If you have the chance to chat with Keith Broussard, that’s the feeling you’ll get. Regardless of the topic, there always seems to be a family tie-in. And the stories he shares not only paint a picture of his family but also of him.

Keith is a Network Engineer and has been with Intivix for a little over five years. As a Network Engineer, he focuses on resolving issues for clients, typically on-location at the client’s office. However, he also spends part of his time with the Help Desk team, which means he is helping to solve client challenges over the phone or via email. Keith settled into his role pretty quickly and brought with him years of experience in retail and all of the strong customer service skills that come along with it. His day-to-day activity focuses on solving client issues and needs, but he would never call it mundane. Every day is different, which not only keeps things interesting, but also creates an environment that Keith really enjoys, and excels at.

Family is Everything

It’s not surprising that Keith enjoys variety. He is the father of two daughters, Kira and Keeairra, and a very proud grandpa of three boys. As you can probably imagine, Keith enjoys spending time with all of them. And, if he’s not at work or enjoying family get-togethers at his home, you’ll likely find him at the park or the playground with the grandkids. Running, jumping, sliding down the slides; they do it all, and Keith loves every minute of it.

Of course, that portion of the family story ties back to his wife of 31 years. They were married on New Year’s Eve, and their meeting was truly meant to be. Keith was out with a buddy, trying to head home to get back to studying when they stopped at one last place (for five minutes, of course). His now-wife, Claudette, was on her way out. No luck because when Keith saw her, he knew he had to dance with her. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Those thirty-one years have been good to them. Together they enjoy movies, picnics with the family, taking the grandkids out, family get-togethers and delicious dinners. You see, Keith enjoys cooking quite a bit, since he was young. His joy of cooking seems to stem from his Grandmother, who loved to cook. Ever since that young age, he started experimenting with different foods, and to this day likes to try out new recipes and cooking techniques. He’s a big fan of cooking different types of meat. Steak and pork loin are big hits with the family, and recently, clam chowder entered the picture.

Can Talk to Anyone

Holiday dinners though are still hosted at his Mom’s house though. According to Keith, his Mom has always been a social person. Someone that would strike up a conversation with pretty much anyone. And, if you have the opportunity to speak with Keith, you’ll likely find that those same qualities have rubbed off on him as well. You’ll fall into a natural conversation with him and learn some interesting things. For example, you might learn how he delivered his second daughter, in his own home (pretty much at his front door!). It’s a fun story, although it may not have been that much fun for his wife at the moment.

You might also learn that, as a parent, Keith was, and still is, a bit of a jokester. Recently one of his daughters asked for his candied yams recipe, to which he replied mix together 10 pounds of yams with 5 pounds of chocolate and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes. Eventually, he gave her the real recipe.

All kidding aside, Keith truly has the best interest of his clients in mind when he is working with them and helping to solve their challenges. His goal, with every client, is to demonstrate that he cares about their challenges, and that he is there to help them. That’s a bit of his customer service background kicking in, but it’s also part of the Intivix culture and the theme of Intivix, “The Power of We”. It is definitely a theme that Keith embodies, believes in and focuses on every day.