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Harness Digital Transformation to Build Long-term Value for Your Clients

Cloud solutions like Office365 can revolutionize the way your company interacts internally, with your vendors, and your clients, but only if you know how to use it. While many businesses understand and use basic applications like Word and Outlook every day, they fail to take advantage of the many new exciting features that are found in Office 365.

The reality is that your business relies on incremental revenue, which requires you to keep your clients happy and loyal in the long term. However, some of the essential features of the cloud — such as automation — have distanced companies from their clients.

That’s why it’s so important to leverage every tool the cloud and Microsoft Office 365 offer to “Digitally Transform” your business.

Sound complicated? Don’t worry – Initivix will help.

Consider these essential tips for making the most of what the cloud offers your business:

  • Improve your support portal so that it’s a central hub for resources and information where clients can interact with your team.
  • Market more accurately by segmenting your audience and fine-tuning your message directly to their specific needs.  Track all information on potential clients and group them together by industry, size, needs, etc.
  • See your clients for the resources they are, sharing their stories in case studies, in social media groups, and in person at events you sponsor. They’ve been where your potential clients are, and they know what it’s like to work with you, so why not let them market for you?
  • Test and track your efforts to ensure they’re effective. Thanks to the many cross-compatible applications included in Office 365, you can better follow client satisfaction, interaction and more, giving you a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.
  • Try Microsoft Teams and Yammer in Office 365, which allows you to create team chat rooms, send texts back and forth more quickly, send private messages to your team and clients, and more.

In today’s modern world, technology can be more than just a way to keep your business running, secure from cybercrime, and backed up in the event of a disaster. Truly optimal IT should help you transform your business and your clients’ businesses for the better.

You need a strategic IT company that understands the day-to-day challenges clients face, but also has the vision to see into the future and appropriately prepare an organization for how changes and evolution in business technology can help transform business and bring massive success.

Companies need an IT partner who has this vision and ability to help them use technology strategically to help in the accomplishment of their business objectives.

Intivix isn’t just the perfect partner for growing your business – we’ll also help lead you through the digital transformation. Why not get started today?

Call (415)-549-9681 or send an email to [email protected] to start your business’ digital transformation right away.