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Distribution and logistics is a multi-faceted industry.  With so many moving parts to your business, timeliness is key. Managing schedules and supply lines. Mapping delivery routes. Delivering shipments.

In addition to these headaches, there are the challenges of road hazards, highway construction, and inclement weather. Any one of these can lead to significant delays.  You need access to real-time information to prevent disappointing your clients. You can’t leave these things to chance. It’s time to step up your game.  It’s time to look into getting some real IT support for distribution and logistics.

Partnering with a quality team with expertise in IT solutions for distribution and logistics takes some research, but it’s worth it.

The San Francisco Bay area is large, and IT support is a competitive market.  It can be a daunting task to find just the right fit for you.  After all, caring for the technology of distribution and logistic support businesses is markedly different than IT support for other industries, and you need someone who really “gets” you and what you do.  You want information technology for distribution and logistics that will make an impact!

The Benefits of Outsourcing IT Support for Distribution and Logistics.

There are many benefits to partnering with an outside technology firm for IT solutions for distribution and logistics.  Information technology has the power to transform your business.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency
  • More effective delivery systems
  • Improved communications
  • More efficient tracking systems and delivery management
  • Route mapping software solutions

The bottom line is improvement.  You want to become even better. Partnering with a great company like Intivix for IT solutions for distribution and logistics will yield measurable results.  Intivix can equip you with right IT support for the distribution and logistics industry that will provide you with real-time answers to real-time problems.  No more surprises en route to your destination.  Intivix has IT solutions to keep your distribution or logistics company on task and on time all the time!  The benefits are undeniable.

Technology is shaping the future of your industry.  Change is in the air.  It’s time to partner with a team that can bring you the latest in technology for distribution and logistics.

Asset Tracking

Asset tracking with Intivix gives you the freedom to stay on top of your shipments and logistics remotely.

Fleet Management

Intivix can equip you to manage schedules, routes, fuel costs, run vehicle diagnostics, and make vehicle maintenance decisions remotely.  This saves you time and money!

Real-Time Information

To make the best logistics decisions for your company, you need the most up to date information. Intivix will implement top-tier software solutions for distribution and logistics to keep you at the top of your game.

Mobile and Tablet Support

Mobile devices are critical in your line of work.  Communication is key.  Intivix provides proactive 24/7 IT support for mobile devices.   We make use of the latest in cloud technology to make employee collaboration seamless, allowing your team to be highly efficient at all times.

What makes Intivix the right partner for IT support for distribution and logistics?

Not all companies are created equally.  Many promise big but lack the experience to deliver.  Intivix has a proven track record of successfully working with distribution and logistics companies just like yours.  We understand what you need from us. To help you drive your organization forward, we keep an eye on latest trends in logistics and distribution to keep you current and equipped to reach your goals.

Tired of getting the same line from every computer support tech you talk to?

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter approaches.  Each business is unique and deserves a unique IT approach.  With IT support for distribution and logistics from Intivix, you get a customized IT plan that is the perfect fit for your company.  We don’t believe in working with technology that just isn’t working for you.  We get you the industry-specific tools you need to succeed!
Best of all, Intivix will make budgeting for your IT support simple. We will deliver all the proactive support and service your company needs for a flat-rate monthly fee.  That means… No more expensive IT fix-it bills and no more unpleasant and costly surprises!

Sound too good to be true?  We can assure you—it’s not.  Intivix is your ideal partner for distribution and logistics support services, and we are ready to serve you!
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Don’t keep looking for IT support for distribution and logistics. Intivix is the perfect technology support fit for your business!

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