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Do you have Comcast Business or Home Internet? DOUBLE your speed for FREE!

We recently discovered that Comcast has upgraded its Internet data plans for its home and business clients. Essentially, they have doubled their bandwidth speeds while keeping the same pricing structure.


For example, if you have a $199/mo Business –class 50Mbps down/10Mbps up connection, the new plan is a 100Mbps down / 20Mbps up.




You actually need to call in to the support department to request this upgrade to your connection. They will request your Account ID, phone number the account is linked to, and possibly last four of the social security number (so please have those handy before you call). The provisioning change occurs immediately while the Comcast technician is on the phone. Your modem will automatically reboot twice and you are then operating on the faster, upgraded speed!


If you are an Intivix client that has a business Comcast connection, there is nothing for you for do. As part of our management service we have already proactively upgraded your connection speed on your behalf (we look out for our clients!)


In several cases, we were actually able to reduce the pricing from $369/mo to $199/mo while still DOUBLING the speed.


For several residential Comcast clients, Comcast needed to replace the modem in order to get the upgraded speed. In this scenario, Comcast will mail you a replacement modem for a nominal fee. Depending on your plan, there might be a small, monthly increase for doubling or tripling your current speed (we saw cases where it was free, another incurred a slight increase). When you connect the new modem, there is a short activation process that needs to be completed to make the new modem work as expected.


Moral of the story:
If you have a Comcast connection in the Bay Area, call up the support number (Business support: 800-391-3000; Residential support: 800-266-2278) and get your faster Internet!


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