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Doh! I didn’t mean to send that e-mail yet! How to turn off Outlook CTRL+Enter

How to turn OFF using CTRL+ENTER to send messages.


Turn off Outlook.  This caused me grief a couple of times where a message was sent before I had proof-read it. I wasn’t even sure why it was sent – it just disappeared from my screen while I was typing.  Then it went to my “Sent Items” folder.

I suspect my brain thought I was typing SHIFT+Something but my hands had moved off the proper keys so I accidentally typed CTRL+ENTER instead, shooting an incomplete message off before I wanted it to be sent!

Of course, then you have to quickly finish a real message, proof-read it so you don’t look like an idiot twice in five minutes, add an apology, send it again, then try to figure out what happened.

In my version of Outlook 2003, this can be disabled with Tools/Options/E-mail Options/Advanced E-mail Options.

In Outlook 2010, you go to File/Options/Mail and then scroll down, until you see the below. Clear the checkbox for Cntrl-Enter Sends a Message.