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An Earthquake Could Hit Our Area at Any Moment – Will Your Data Be There After the Dust Settles?


Living in or around San Francisco, we’re all used to talking about earthquakes. Many of us still remember the 1989 quake that caused $10 billion in property damage and killed 60 people. The San Andreas Fault is the one that most Californians fear. But new research shows that a fault running under the East Bay poses a greater danger – the Hayward Fault that’s centered below Oakland. Experts at the U.S. Geological Survey called it a tectonic time bomb that could go off any minute.

We pray this won’t happen, but we must be prepared. Officials have begun making preparations –the old city halls in Hayward and Fremont have been evacuated because they lie on the fault. The Memorial Stadium at UC Berkeley was rebuilt to move it 6 feet northwest. In a hypothetical earthquake scenario, half of Memorial Stadium would move 2 feet northwest during the main earthquake, another foot over the next 24 hours, and yet another foot or so over the next few weeks or months. This is a frightening scenario.

There’s only so much we can do. But what you should absolutely do now is make sure your business can continue operating after the quake. When the emergency is over, and the dust settles, you’ll eventually need to get back to work to support yourself and your family. But, if your business location is damaged, how will you continue working? Life goes on, but without your computers, servers and critical data, your business operations will come to a halt.

The U.S. Government recommends that you should have a Disaster Recovery Plan that’s developed in conjunction with a Business Continuity Plan. They report that the impact of data loss from a disaster could be significant. A plan for data backup and restoration of electronic information is essential. This must be completed before a disaster occurs.

Contact the experts at Intivix. We’ll make sure your data is available, and you can get back up and running. Our Data Backups, Disaster Recovery, and Business Continuity Solutions are custom built according to your unique needs. We’ll:

  • Provide both onsite and offsite secure backups that are monitored 24/7 for security and reliability.
  • Collect, compress, encrypt and securely store your data, so it’s there when you need it.
  • Perform integrity validation to ensure complete recoverability.
  • Maintain and update your applications and systems.
  • Ensure you can securely access your IT anytime, and from anywhere you have an internet connection.

When an earthquake hits, you and your employees will need to relocate to a safe area. With our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions, your business data will be housed in a secure Cloud with data centers that are located in different geographic areas around the country, not just in San Francisco. You’ll be able to access it from anywhere you have an internet connection.

When we back up your data to a data-center, your important business information

exists separately from your network. If your network goes down, you can still access and recover your business data. It can’t be compromised by theft, fire, floods or other local problems.

Software as a Service Supports Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

SaaS hosts your applications in data center, so you and your employees can always access them via the Internet. You pay for these services on a monthly basis according to how many users you have. SaaS is rapidly becoming the accepted software platform for organizations that want to promote their business continuity, lower their IT costs, and benefit from scalability.

VoIP Supports Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery.

When phone lines go down, so does your ability to communicate. Voice over Internet Protocol enables remote calling for you and your employees. You can send and receive calls with your smartphone wherever you are via the Internet.

Plus, you’ll benefit from:

  • Conference Calling: Speak to multiple people at the same time through your desktop, laptop or mobile device.
  • Smart Voice Mails (VMs): Never miss another voice mail. Your VMs are immediately emailed directly to your computer or smartphone, so you always know if someone needs to hear from you.
  • Unlimited Extensions: Increase your mailboxes as your needs grow, and never stress over a shortage of storage again.
  • Auto-Attendant & Transfers: All calls are answered, forwarded to you, and recorded for your future reference.
  • Call Forwarding: Use your web-interface to easily forward calls to any number in the world.
  • Instant Messaging (IM): If you need information from a staff member when you’re on a call with a client, you can IM them a request, and relay the information to your caller immediately.

Here’s a checklist of things you should do before and after the earthquake or other disaster strikes. The team at Intivix is here to help.


  • Contact Intivix.
  • Establish a comprehensive plan for recovery.
  • Account for your high-value data assets.
  • Ensure sensitive data is properly encrypted.
  • Make sure critical applications are always accessible.
  • Set up a reliable backup and disaster recovery (BDR) solution.
  • Test your backups for reliability and recoverability.
  • Store your data in a secure cloud.
  • Decide where your employees can work remotely if necessary.
  • Conduct a Business Impact Analysis to determine the potential effects of an interruption to your critical business
  • Define what acceptable recovery time is.
  • Regularly evaluate your preparedness program.
  • Develop a contact list for employees, vendors, and clients, and determine the best way to communicate.
  • Set up a VoIP solution to keep your lines of communication open.


  • Contact Intivix.
  • Prioritize your recovery goals and tasks.
  • Determine what critical systems may have been affected.
  • Find out if the issue is confined to one workstation or more.
  • Ascertain if your server and network were affected.
  • Verify that all your files are intact, or some have been lost or deleted.
  • Get your IT environment back up and running.
  • Recover and restore your data.

Intivix can keep your critical data safe when disaster strikes, and we can help you recover it when the dust settles. We have multiple solutions that will protect your important files and applications, keep you connected with your staff and clients, and get you back up and running. For more information, contact us at (415) 543-1033 or [email protected].