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Edward Griffin

General technologist and technical manager with a primary interest in enterprise ERP and CRM solutions, with special domain expertise in the financial services industry.

A hands-on manager who leads by example. Enough technical chops to tread deeply into development and enough business savvy to be at ease in executive reviews.

Driving motivations:
* No problem’s too big to solve.
* No detail’s too small to matter.
* Get the job done.
* Work smarter _and_ harder.
* Exploit every opportunity to learn.
* There’s always room for improvement.
* Knowledge is power.
* Change is the only constant.
* Adapt or die.

Specialties: Alternative investment industry; financial services; enterprise applications (front-, mid-, and back-office) and enterprise services (SaaS, ASP; SOA); relational databases; system performance benchmarking and optimization; project and program management