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Embodying The Statement, A Zest For Life

Having a zest for life. It’s an interesting phrase, and it’s a phrase that seems to encapsulate how Sherwin approaches life and what he passes on to his family as well.

Sherwin is the Service Manager at Intivix, which means he oversees the ticket team and works with multiple engineers to solve issues that are shared through the Intivix help desk. He started here last year and has already made an impact through process improvements and integrating tools that help make the ticket process smoother for our clients and for our internal team. He is a natural fit for our team, and brings with him immense enterprise-level experience, including a background in building out an organization after it separated with a larger ownership organization.

Family man and Coach

Sherwin is a family man, and once he starts talking about his wife and kids, you’ll quickly get the sense that he loves being a father (which he does). He and his wife of 17 years have two children. His son is 15, and his daughter is 13. And his kids definitely keep them busy! His son plays basketball on an AAU travel team, and his daughter is a ballet and modern dance enthusiast. Both kids travel quite a bit to compete in their activities, which has taken Sherwin’s family up and down California, Nevada, and numerous other places.

Sherwin is the coach of his son’s basketball team and has been since his son was a toddler. Yep, Sherwin’s had the opportunity to pass on his love of basketball, as well as other various skills. Skills that he still uses himself in the competitive basketball league that he plays in. He only recently jumped into a slightly more mature age bracket at the urging of his wife.

In addition to coaching his son’s team, Sherwin also coaches a National Junior Basketball team. It’s a way for him to give back, share his love of basketball and help teach kids less fortunate about life through basketball. You see, Sherwin believes that sports (in this case basketball), can help teach kids about life, how to be a good person, how to be a good teammate, and how to work together. One of his favorite ways to approach the very first practice for any team is to ask the players to look at the player on their left and then the player on the right. He then shares with them that the players they just looked at are now their brothers, their family and that it is important to support your family at every practice and at every game. He believes this approach sets the foundation for respect, unity, and accountability for each player on his team. Something that Sherwin believes is important for everyone to learn.

Passion for Life

Sherwin also places importance in finding your passion in life. It’s something he discusses with his kids frequently and believes the best way to find your passion is to try new things. There is always something that can be learned from trying something new, even if you find out it is not something you like. And politics, yep, he brings that up with his kids too. He sees it as an opportunity to freely discuss ideas and offers them an environment to learn and ultimately figure out their thoughts – no judgments and not leading towards a specific route.

Although the family is often traveling for events related to their kids, they definitely find time to sit down and eat dinner together as a family. Which works out well because Sherwin enjoys cooking. Although he’ll cook a number of different dishes, Filipino food is often on the home menu – his wife loves it. His son likes certain Filipino foods, and his daughter is a mac n cheese kind of gal. No problem for Sherwin, he can pull it all together.

This family of four also likes to travel, you know for fun and pure enjoyment. A recent trip took them to Puerto Vallarta in Mexico. There they enjoyed the beach, the heat, swimming with dolphins and riding them. A cool experience. And, when the opportunity presents itself, Sherwin has plans to take the family oversees to see the architecture and museums in Europe, Amsterdam, and Prague.

Sherwin and his wife also believe in giving back, being grateful and thankful for what they have, and for what they do not have. Another piece of parenthood that they pass on to their children. When the kids were young, the family spent a good chunk of time in the Philippines participating in a feeding the children program. A humbling experience for all of them.

Inside to Outside Activities

Sherwin’s also a physical guy and builds activity into his life on a regular basis. The activity keeps his head clear, which then enables him to focus and be the best husband, father, and leader he can be. He will typically run 2-3 miles a day and will also work in a lengthy bike ride once per week. Yep, he is one of the many people that picked up biking over the last year, and he is definitely happy that he did. Frankly, the running, biking, lifting weights, and the occasional boxing keep him in shape for the marathons and Tough Mudder competitions that he likes to participate in. These competitions are a way to clear his head and get in the zone. He does have a few Tough Mudder tips for those interested: 1) do not go down a slide into muddy, murky water headfirst. 2) do your best to avoid the wires with electricity running through them. They really do hurt, especially if they hit your head.

Although he enjoys a lot of activity, he also enjoys a few more relaxing activities. Reading, specifically parenting and financial books are often a go-to option for relaxing. Dinner with friends and a solid “chick-flick” movie also fit the bill – yeah, he’s a “chick-flick” guy, and he is not afraid to say it!

You might say that Sherwin has a lot of passions, and well, you would be right. But he believes if you have a passion for something, it is worth doing it, and you will make the time for it. Resiliency, passion, and enthusiasm are just part of who Sherwin is. It is that zest for life that you hear and feel when you talk to him, and something that sticks with you when your conversation ends.

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