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To Our Employees And Clients. A Letter From The Intivix Leadership Team Thankful. Appreciative. Fortunate.

December offers the opportunity to reflect on the pros and cons of the year that we are just about to wrap up. And, let’s face it, 2020 has been tough. A Global pandemic, shutdowns of businesses and schools, wildfires, and countless other challenges have come our way. But, through it all, we have had two constants that have made 2020 not only bearable, but pleasant. Those two constants are our employees and our clients.

To Our Employees

All we can really say is wow! You have stepped up, gone the extra mile, and have embodied all of those sayings that end up on our company Core Values posters. Some of the team members at Intivix had to deal with complete shifts to their non-work lives, some had to deal with family situations, and others had to deal with more isolation than should be the norm. Yet, without fail, our team has delivered their best work to our clients each day. From solving the normal issues that tend to occur to full scale in-office to work from home scenarios that our clients have asked of us, you all have met their needs, and exceeded them.

Thank you for being flexible. Thank you for always embodying the Intivix Core Values. Thank you for being unique. And thank you for having fun along the way. We appreciate the work that you do, the way you engage with clients, and the way we have all come together during this less than ideal time in history. We could not have gotten through this crazy year without you.

To Our Clients

Businesses across the globe have faced challenges that they likely never expected, or planned for, including many of our clients. Transitioning many, or all employees, to a long-term work from home scenario in a matter of days, for example, was likely not in your disaster plans. You have powered through. You have innovated. And, you have relied on us to continue to provide your business with managed and co-managed IT consulting and cybersecurity services. And, in some cases, you have needed more support. We are happy to help!

Thank you for trusting us during these odd times. Thank you for keeping us in the loop of your ever-changing scenario. Thank you for keeping our employees on their toes. And thank you for partnering with Intivix. Without our valued clients, we would not be here.

This year has been hard. But this year has also shown us how fortunate we are and has demonstrated that challenging times can be overcome with a strong team surrounding you. This includes our employees and our clients. Thank you.

“Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance.”

Eckhart Tolle