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Enjoying the Process and the Destination.

Appreciation is easy to understand as a concept, but it can be rare to hear in someone’s voice. If you have a chance to chat with Stephen Jenkins, an Escalation Engineer at Intivix, you’ll have the opportunity to hear appreciation in his voice, and in how he describes pretty much everything in his life. From his job, to where he lives, to his hobbies.

All about Steve

Stephen (Steve) has been with Intivix since late 2018 and currently holds the position of Escalation Engineer. In this role, Steve tackles the upper-level support needs of various Intivix clients. In other words, he digs into the more complex issues that clients may encounter. But his role isn’t just about solving problems that may arise; it’s also about bringing knowledge back to the team. This knowledge transfer enables additional Intivix team members to help support other clients if similar situations arise in the future. And, Steve’s background of 10+ years in IT, across multiple industries means he is well suited to dive into these more challenging scenarios.

Although Steve has been living in Oregon for six years, he hasn’t always called the Pacific Northwest his home. He was born in Germany (his Dad was in the U.S. Air Force), grew up in Pennsylvania and spent a couple of years in New Jersey. Pennsylvania is where he spent most of his time, but after a trip to Oregon, he fell in love with the area and decided to make the move. He hasn’t looked back since!

For Steve, Oregon has the right mix of the ocean, mountains, nature, and so much more. Hiking is definitely one of his favorite past times at the moment. Heading out with friends to find a new hiking trail, or exploring the Cascade Mountains tops his list of things to do on the weekends. For Steve, it’s a great way to enjoy the area, time with friends, and get immersed in everything Oregon has to offer. He’ll also head out to the ocean when possible. And, regardless of the water temperature, you’ll see him in the ocean…at least a couple of feet. It’s the experience of it all, and he’s not interested in missing it.

It is all about Nature

His love of nature also leads him to camp occasionally as well. One of his most memorable camping trips includes a four-mile hike out to a lake to set-up camp. He and his friends were the only groups on the lake, which really enabled them to take everything in and get immersed in the area.

Outside of his love of nature, Steve enjoys both wine and beer tastings. Oregon is peppered with wineries and craft breweries, which provides Steve with plenty of opportunities to explore what the area has to offer. Yes, he enjoys the tasting aspect, but he also enjoys learning about how the wines or craft beers are made and the background of their locations as well. Syrah and Malbec are his current wine preferences, while sour beers are his favorites when it comes to the craft breweries.

The Creative Side

Steve also enjoys a good book, and has, since he was a kid. Back then, he had bookshelves of books – yes, that was plural. Today he still enjoys reading but has transitioned to reading on his iPad, at least for the most part. You’ll still catch him with a book every once in a while. His genre of choice is Urban Fantasy, which focuses on characters living in the current or near-current century, with supernatural elements woven in. He feels this genre keeps real life on the creative side.

And speaking of creative, painting has entered into the picture for Steve as well. He enjoys attending “paint and sip” nights. He’s primarily painted outdoor and camping scenes, which makes sense given his love of nature and all things that go with it.

The Traveler

Traveling? Yep, that’s another favorite for Steve. And, not just the destination. He enjoys exploring the airports, encountering different people along the way, and exploring the area once he has landed. Naturally, he flies back to Pennsylvania when possible to visit his Dad, and also to Nebraska to visit his brother and family. He definitely has future plans to travel more and explore more cities and states along the way.

As you can probably tell, Steve enjoys immersing himself in everything that he is involved with. From complex client issues to hiking and reading, he appreciates the process and the destination. This includes how he approaches his work at Intivix. He is always trying to find answers to the challenges that clients are experiencing. They may not be the expected answers, but clients will definitely receive well-thought-out, researched responses that put their needs and challenges first.

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