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Why file sharing cloud access with MyWorkDrive is better than other options on the market.

Collaboration is the lifeblood of your daily workflow.


Without the ability to work together on documents, spreadsheets, databases, and other files your employees wouldn’t get much done. That’s why having the right file access platform is so critical.
And that’s why we recommend MyWorkDrive.

The problem for many business owners researching file sharing apps and file sharing sites is…

There are so many options out there, and they all seem to be making similar claims.

Every one of them says that their file sharing site or file sharing app is secure, easy, and accessible.

But they can’t all be… can they?

Of course not.

So, who should you trust?

The Intivix team has been advising company leaders just like you on technology issues for the past 20 years. We pride ourselves in candidly assessing the needs of our clients and delivering products and services that meet or exceed their current workflow and future growth requirements.

We have complete confidence in the MyWorkDrive file share solution.

Ready to get started? Start file sharing and enhancing your productivity by using MyWorkDrive today! Call the San Francisco Bay area file share professionals of Intivix now at (628) 867-6130 or send an email us [email protected]

Get mobile file sharing with MyWorkDrive.

MyWorkDrive allows you to easily access the files and folders on your Windows file server remotely. No matter where you are, you can browse, download, edit, and share all your files, whether you are using a traditional browser or a mobile device.

MyWorkDrive is a cloud solution for Small Business that allows for secure, private and simple  server file access on any device.
File sharing and utilizing the cloud has never been easier. MyWorkDrive lets you access your files anywhere without making any changes to your current server.

Leverage these MyWorkDrive file sharing advantages for your business.

  • Allows Online Editing of Documents with seamless Office integration
  • Integration with Windows Servers
  • Supports Large File Uploads
  • Easily Share Files
  • Browse Files Quickly by a Variety of Different Characteristics
  • Disable Users You Don’t Want to Access Certain Files

Improve your efficiency with MyWorkDrive’s File Sharing.

Let our Intivix team setup your MyWorkDrive experience! We’ll quickly get MyWorkDrive integrated with your business so that you can remotely access your folder and file shares on the go. Whether you need to work with colleagues or clients remotely, MyWorkDrive allows you to easily manage your files and run your business no matter where you might be. If you want to maximize your company’s productivity, then MyWorkDrive is definitely for you! Give us a call at (415)-543-1033, and we will provide you with a demo before you purchase. We’d be happy to walk you through the MyWorkDrive process so that you can get acclimated to using the product and all its features.

How does the MyWorkDrive file sharing solution work?

We will show you how MyWorkDrive file share system works in three simple steps.

First, install the server software.

The MyWorkDrive Active Directory integration only takes you a few minutes to deploy and has been designed for you to implement as easily as installing your favorite entertainment app.

Second, Configure Your File Shares

Not everyone needs to or should have access to every file on the company’s file sharing system. Because individual employees have differing roles and differing levels of responsibility and trust, the developers of MyWorkDrive have made it easy for you to select what should be shared and who can access it. This feature makes it possible to securely file share outside of your organization to your clients and vendors when needed.

Third, Access Your Shared Files

The beauty of MyWorkDrive is that it is device agnostic. What does that mean? It means that we have made it simple for you to access your files and share them with others whether you are using our Web File Manager, Mapped Drive application, or your phone.

Why should you use MyWorkDrive instead of other file sharing options available in the marketplace?

  • Add cloud access and functionality to your current Windows File server.
  • You don’t have to move your existing data.
  • It is completely secure and under your control.
  • Collaborate in real time.
  • Edit files online from any device.

Want even more reasons to use MyWorkDrive for your file sharing needs?

Web File Manager

Get remote access to your files through any web browser! This is the most efficient and user-friendly file sharing option in the marketplace today. So many features at your fingertips!

Mapped Drive

Need to connect your files remotely by mapping a drive to your work files without using Sync or VPN? That’s easy with MyWorkDrive! Even better, you can enable Two-Factor Authentication for security or auditing compliance.

Direct Office File Edit & Collaboration in Office Online

Use MyWorkDrive in conjunction with Microsoft Office online to edit local MS Office documents! MyWorkDrive is the only file sharing system to offer this very useful feature. Edit your office files online and save them back to your own infrastructure!

Public File Sharing

Make work easy with simple access and convenient collaboration with colleagues. Get even more creative with our file share platform by using our OneDrive integration to share files publicly without risking security.

Secure Remote Access

  • Restrict Downloads Where Necessary
  • All Data Remains on your Server
  • Two-Factor Authentication

Add cloud functionality to your on-premise servers!

  • No more worries about SQL Databases to manage, support, or license
  • You can publish internal file shares directly within MyWorkDrive
  • No stressing over managing or integrating LDAP servers
  • Make use of 100% Native Windows components
  • Reduce VPN Support Needs

It’s time to get started! Contact the Intivix team now at (628) 867-6130 or [email protected] to set up a MyWorkDrive demonstration.
Want more control over security, hardware, and setup costs? Tired of trying to compare file sharing sites and file sharing apps?
Then MyWorkDrive is the file sharing system for you!

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