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Bring Efficiency to Meeting Planning

Monday at 9? No. Thursday at 3:30? Sophia can’t make it. The 19th at 10:45? Ugh, Nicholas is out of town.


Tired of asking those questions and getting those answers dozens of times a day when trying to schedule a call or a meeting? You’re not alone, and the folks in the Microsoft Office Garage went out to develop an Office 365 add-on called FindTime to help.

“FindTime makes setting meetings so much more efficient,” reports Intivix partner Rob Schenk. “It removes all the email back and forth that we’ve gotten used to these days. It’s free, convenient, and easy to use. We strongly recommend it to our clients.”

Microsoft has recently relaunched FindTime, and an earlier Intivix blog post explains how the extension works.

The beauty of FindTime is that people both inside and outside your organization can vote on possible meeting times. When the votes are in, the meeting gets set automatically.

How It Works

After it’s been installed, the FindTime icon is found in the Outlook ribbon. Here’s how easy it is to schedule a meeting from an email that requests a meeting: click on the icon in the ribbon, pick the meeting duration, and then let FindTime check the calendars to find who and what times are available.

The trick is to pick multiple meeting choices to give invitees options, especially when you’re inviting people from outside the organization. Click next, add the meeting information and then send the invite. Then the invitees get a chance to vote on what time works best for them. When the votes are in, the meeting gets scheduled.

Intivix clients can reach out to the Help Desk to enable FindTime for their account.

Those that want to find out how Microsoft Office 365 can help their business run more efficiently should reach out to Intivix.