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Reduce Planning and Rescheduling Time for Meetings with FindTime

Too often, scheduling a meeting can be a real hassle. One person always seems to not be able to attend, so you reschedule the meeting – and another person will be out of the office that day. So, you reschedule again – and another person asks for a different time because they have a conflict. Is it possible to send out a meeting invitation one time, and nail down a time where everyone can happily attend? Now, Office 365 has one, and it’s called FindTime.

No More Rescheduling.

Let’s suppose you need to hold a meeting, and the people you’re planning to invite are all pretty integral to the desirable outcome of that meeting. Instead of sending out a standard meeting invitation and going through all the time-wasting we mentioned above – you send out the meeting request through Office 365 via FindTime. You’re given the option to select several possible dates and times for this meeting. Enter them, and FindTime goes to work. It sends out an invitation to all your desired attendees, giving them the opportunity to vote on the meeting date and time they prefer.

Majority Rules.

Once they attendees enter their preferred meeting date and time, FindTime calculates the result with the most desired date and time, and tentatively sets the date for you. It informs you of the results of the voting process – including those who didn’t vote for the winning time – so you can manually confirm the date before solidifying anything. This allows you to involve your participants and help them to feel involved, engaged, and cared about. Happy employees are a great thing – especially for productivity!

Intivix is Great with Office 365 and FindTime.

Office 365 is an incredible tool – one you really should learn more about if you’re not currently utilizing it. Office 365 greatly enhances your options and versatility in your workplace through all its features, including FindTime. We’ll be more than happy to show you all the great features Office 365 has to offer. Give us a call, and let’s talk.