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Get The Most Value Out of Microsoft Teams

Alright, we admit it. We are excited about Microsoft 365. And, even more excited about Microsoft Teams. We use it. It helps us collaborate with others within the office walls, those working remotely, and team members that are working on-site at a client. It fosters collaboration, creativity, and ideation…yeah, you can say that we like it and believe that it can be beneficial for other organizations.

Teams 2-compressed

Occasionally when we find something that we really get passionate about, we explore it further and share what we have learned. Actually, if you read our blog, you know we like to share a lot of information. In this case, however, we’ve explored Microsoft Teams so much that we’ve created two webinars (and, spoiler alert, we may be creating a few more!).

Tips and Tricks

Because Microsoft Teams has so much to offer, we decided to share a few tips and tricks in one of the webinars that we created. We use a virtual demonstration to show these tips, which gives you a real look at how they work. We also answer a few of the great questions that were submitted along the way.

Teams Overview

If you’re curious about what we covered during the webinars, here’s a quick overview:

  • Leveraging the chat functionality for individual conversations, or for group chats.
  • Adding sub-channels to keep groups organized and streamlined.
  • Translating messages in-line.
    • This is great if you are working with team members across the globe.
  • Pinning files to the top of a channel, and editing that same file in real-time.
    • Multiple people can collaborate and make edits to a file in real-time!
  • Bringing outside partners into a group to view content and join video calls.
    • If an outside partner is not using Microsoft, they can join as a Guest, with limited access.
  • Polling those within your group using forms.
  • Executing a live-fire test of a meeting to ensure your camera and microphone works properly.

We also share a virtual look at Microsoft Teams through the lens of a cell phone, specifically an iPhone. Did you know that you can attend video calls, access files and edit those same files through your phone? Yes, this is something we are pretty familiar with as well, especially our Account Managers who are on the go pretty often.

Intro Microsoft Edge

We also give a brief intro to Microsoft Edge. With this browser, you can sign in to Office 365 and edit your documents using the web browser. It’s pretty cool, and an added bonus to all of the other elements we cover in the webinar.

If you’re using Microsoft Teams now, check out our How to get the most value out of Microsoft Teams – Tips and Tricks! webinar. Seriously, it can help you get a lot out of Microsoft Teams, and up your productivity.

If you’re not quite at the tips and tricks stage, no worries. Check out our first webinar, Microsoft Teams, What is MS Teams and How Can It Help Your Company? This is more for beginners and offers a lot of value for those getting started.

And, an offer. If you have Microsoft 365 but haven’t jumped into Microsoft Teams yet, contact us for a free Microsoft Teams readiness assessment. We’ll give you an overview and work with you to determine if this is a good option for your business. Candidly, it is worth checking into!