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Changing Paths To Enjoy The Journey. Get To Know Virgil.

Every once in a while you’ll meet someone, get to talking, and end up feeling as though you’ve known them for years. That’s the feeling you’ll likely get if you have the opportunity to interact with Virgil, Procurement Manager with Intivix.

Virgil has been with Intivix for less than one year, but in that time, he has accomplished a lot, and has transitioned from Project Management to Procurement Management. As Procurement Manager, Virgil manages the procurement department, which includes overseeing internal and external purchasing requirements, and client invoicing. And, in his time with the company, he’s been awarded an Award of Excellence for his work with us (we are thrilled that he received this award!)

Virgil has called many cities home over the years. You see, Virgil enjoys traveling, and experiencing everything he can within the world around him. This interest in traveling took him to Singapore for a one-year planned stay that ended up turning into ten years. He’s also lived in Taiwan for a few years. Different jobs and positions prompted these moves, but the enjoyment of exploring and immersing himself in the culture is what kept him there.

But his travels don’t stop there. Virgil has traveled to France and Australia a number of times, as well as to the United States for trips to Chicago, Las Vegas, and California. Each trip unique, and each trip offering new experiences to enjoy and learn from. Some of his favorite trips have been to Paris and Toulouse in France and Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. These cities are alive with culture and activities, as well as great wines!

Virgil enjoys traveling so much, that he brings the travel bug to his parents as well. Over the years, Virgil has brought his parents on a few different trips, including adventures to Taiwan and the United States, so that they could experience what he has over the years. Although those trips have stalled a bit recently, you can be sure that future travel plans are already in Virgil’s mind. Amsterdam is definitely on his bucket list of places to travel so he can enjoy the waves of tulips.

Although traveling is a key area of enjoyment in Virgil’s life, he also enjoys staying active and took up boxing, and then kickboxing, a number of years ago. Initially, kickboxing was a great way to unwind after a long day, but it quickly turned into a passion of his. There are a number of techniques involved in kickboxing, and mastering those techniques offers a sense of accomplishment and enjoyment.

When Virgil isn’t in the dojo, you’ll likely catch him reading. He specifically enjoys books that are empowering or motivational. He finds that they keep him centered and focused on loving himself as an individual, which enables him to enjoy everything around him, including ice cream! It’s a bit of a go-to snack for Virgil, and his freezer is always stocked. Especially with cookies & cream and rocky road ice cream – two of his favorites.

His bucket list certainly includes more travel, but it also includes living outside the city. At some point, he looks forward to moving to someplace a bit slower and calmer, with the goal of just taking it day by day. That transition could even include converting a property into a hostel for International travelers.

One of the many things that Virgil has learned over the years, is that there are different approaches to meeting goals, and no one path is correct. For him, the important aspect of achieving goals is focusing on the goal itself, not necessarily the process of getting there. In every instance of his life, he’s focused on something, but that focus never distracts him from enjoying the road he takes to get there.

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