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We're Helping Girls Get A Head Start In The World Of Technology.

We’re Helping Girls Get A Head Start In The World Of Technology.

Support #StartHerSuccess And Support The Future Of Women In Tech.

Women in Technology
It’s no secret that the technology industry is booming, and more and more young women and girls are taking note. Better yet, they’re eager to be a part of this amazing and innovative industry.

Help Them Learn The Skills They Need To Succeed.

October 11th is Day of the Girl, and Intivix is marking the occasion by sponsoring 5 girls to take part in an upcoming Girls in Tech bootcamp. Each bootcamp teaches a new skill to these young women and girls, including:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Coding
  • Leadership
  • Design
  • Confidence Building
  • Product Development
Girls in Tech
The skills these bootcamps provide are the building blocks of a successful career in technology, and without our help, many of the girls hoping to take advantage of what Girls in Tech has to offer won’t get that chance.
We’re challenging you to step in and help women and girls around the world make their tech dreams come true. Check out the Girls in Tech website to learn more about the programs they offer and make a donation of your own. You can sponsor a girl directly, or create a fundraiser to help sponsor even more girls!
The world of technology thrives on fresh ideas, creative minds, and strong leaders. This is your chance to make sure the next generation of tech geniuses are the most brilliant we’ve seen yet.
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