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Going The Extra Mile For Family, Clients and Intivix

An advocate is a person who publicly shows support for a cause or policy. Lucky for Intivix, and our clients, we have an advocate on our team, Billy Juang. Billy’s title is Client Success Manager, and man does he embody that title. Billy spends his days on-location at the 7-8 clients that he supports regularly. In some cases, he is on-site with a given client every week, and in other cases, it is once a month. Regardless of the frequency, he is there to handle their support tickets, check on back-ups, answer their questions, and to check in on them. And his “check-ins” aren’t just lip service. He asks questions and dives in to uncover pain points or challenges that they are experiencing with the goal of bringing that information back to Intivix. Bringing information back to Intivix is just the first step. He then works with the team to analyze the client’s challenges and help improve processes for the benefit of the client. In other words, he becomes the client advocate.

He’s also the face of Intivix when he is on-location with clients he works with. Being the face of the company means that he is there to represent our mission each and every day. Yep, he’s an advocate of Intivix as well. And, he’s been supporting the company, and our clients for around eight years. Billy joined Intivix in 2012 as a Network Engineer. Since then, his role has changed and has grown to include more service and direct client interaction, leading to his current role, which he has held since 2016.

The Family Guy

Billy is also a family guy. He lives in the East Bay area with his wife, Linda, and two kids ages 4 and 16 months. Billy and Linda attended the same high school, but didn’t really get to know each other until they were in college and ended up in the same classes. They dated for some time and got married in 2008. Together they both enjoy hiking and animals. Naturally, their two dogs join them on the hikes or walks, on a regular basis.

Billy also enjoys spending time with his kids. You can hear the pride and joy in his voice when he talks about them. His daughter is four and has the creative gene, like her mom. On the weekends, you’ll find Billy and his daughter at a local art class experimenting with clay, drawing pictures or diving into the theme of the weekend. Back home, you’ll find them reading together, or Billy will be listening as his daughter makes up stories. Billy’s son (16 months) on the other hand seems to have sports in his future, as he really enjoys throwing a ball around the yard. He could be a future baseball player, which wouldn’t be far off from what Billy enjoyed as a kid. Billy played baseball during his early years all the way through 8th grade.

Beyond that, the family enjoys heading to parks in the area to enjoy some outdoor time and explore what the city has to offer. They are also known to travel every now and then to visit family. Their favorite travel spots include Disneyland, Reno, NV to visit Billy’s sister and Seattle, WA to visit Billy’s other sister and mother. Family and travel go hand-in-hand for this family of four.

Music and Technology

As you might expect, Billy enjoys technology. And he likes to combine that interest in technology with his interest in cars, specifically electric cars. There’s quite a bit of technology that goes into the building of, and maintaining electric cars, and Billy finds it fascinating. His Fiat was the jumping-off point for this interest, and naturally, that lead to a Tesla. His Model 3 is fully electric, which means he completely jumped into next-generation technology. Deep down though, he also enjoys tinkering with cars, which is darn near impossible with an electric vehicle.

Music is also one of Billy’s passions. He used to play the electric guitar in college, and to this day still enjoys listening to local bands when time allows. He’s into all kinds of music, but heavy metal, more specifically the subgenres of symphonic metal and thrash metal, are his go-to when it comes to music and bands.

Billy is also passionate about educating people on the rare genetic disorder, congenital muscular dystrophy (CMD). His daughter was born with this disease, and it impacts her muscles and causes muscle weakness. She’s overcome quite a bit in her four years and has nearly mastered a power chair to get around….pretty quickly. Because of this background, Billy offers education on CMD when and where possible. Education can bring light to the topic and can help others be more informed, which is something he believes is important.

Billy goes out of his way for people – his family, Intivix and clients. It’s in his nature. He will go the extra mile for you and make sure questions, help tickets,  etc. are handled properly, effectively, and with a smile. That’s the kind of guy he is…an advocate through and through.

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