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Good Sales Tool with “Immediately” App or Too Much Information?

A new app for iPhone, Immediately, has been created for sales reps. Formerly SquareOne, the Immediately app will let you know when your email has been read by a client with a push notification. Enterprises will be offered a paid tier while the app is free for individuals. This app is also available live on the web, and is full of other features that will improve sales efficiency like templates, reminders, contact insights and scheduling. But is this pushing the limits to the point of getting too much information about your potential client?

Track Email Opens

When a contact has opened your email, you are alerted with a push notification. It tells you where, when, and how often your messages have been read by the prospective client. MailTracker for iOS is a similar app, but it requires you to use it in conjunction with Apple’s built-in mail app. Immediately can stand by itself and has all necessary the tools included. Now users can jump on opportunities and close deals virtually anywhere.

Follow Up Reminders

The app will remind you to follow up on a message if a response has not been sent to you. It can also be set to remind you to follow up no matter what. Customize how long you want to wait to be notified from hours to weeks.

Templates and Scheduling Made Easy

Plenty of templates are available to quickly compose a routine message. Save time and look professional and courteous with these pre-written replies. Included are address, running late message, requesting a meeting, call request, product overview, and if you have any questions. Immediately allows you to share your availability and calendar with the client within the application. Once a meeting time is agreed upon, it is added to both of your calendars after the client selects an open time slot.

Contact Details

Learn more about your prospect with Contact Insights. This lets you pull background information on your contact with data from LinkedIn. Now you can instantly see more about who you’re communicating with and work your angle around this information.

Immediately Improves Efficiency

There is no doubt that a salesperson on the go will love the benefits of this app. They can send neat, templated emails to prospects. With the push notifications, they will not leave the client waiting, which can be detrimental to a sale. While all of this is great on paper, there is still no guarantee the prospect will read your email. This is especially true with email interfaces that include headlines and a bit of the message. It will be up to the client to decide whether they want to entertain your message at all. It will also be up to the sales rep to decide how quickly to respond once they see an email has been read, so they don’t appear overbearing. Immediately has the tech part covered, but it is still up to human nature to ultimately call the shots.

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