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Have You Heard Of Office Mix?

Office Mix can take presentations, meetings and research to new places. Learn how tools like Office Mix and managed IT services can enhance your business.

Microsoft Office Mix

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Office Mix is a new Office app that allows users to make more dynamic PowerPoint presentations than ever before. Screencast video and audio can now be included, along with a wealth of other user features. While the Office Mix software has a great educational slant, it offers numerous benefits and opportunities for businesses as well.

Any enterprise that relies on the ability to make dynamic presentations can really take advantage of all that Office Mix has to offer. The performance tools included in Office before Mix pale in comparison; they never allowed the option of live interaction with slide content during a presentation, whereas Mix does. It’s easy to see why educational institutions are so excited about it. However, the same features can assist the business and legal fields in equally exciting ways:

Taking Presentations to New Levels

For law firms, in-house presentations among attorneys, partners and staff are taken to new places with Office Mix. However, no matter what your business, presentations are a breeze. Mix allows you to record important presentations and make them available to anyone who was unable to be there in person.

However, the application also brings enhanced functionality to PowerPoint, allowing the user to record video or audio as they present. Users can also write on the slides while speaking and insert online videos and other resources to help enhance the presentation and message.

You can also record anything that’s on your computer screen while presenting using the screencast recording feature. It’s easy to add supplemental information using the tab feature, and Microsoft also includes analytics for those who wish to track activity related to those who view the presentation later.

Mixing It Up For More Impact

The added functionality that Office Mix brings to PowerPoint enhances the entire experience, from creation to playback. Once a presentation is completed, it can then be uploaded and transformed “magically” by the software into a “mix.” The cohesive combination of media and features can then be immediately shared with all relevant parties – or archived for replay in the future whenever you choose.

The screencasting feature from your computer can be especially useful for illustrating concepts relevant to cases or discussing in-house issues with colleagues. The screen records every mouse click, movement and keystroke so that it can be replayed later for anyone who might require the information in the future. The ability to insert interactive apps into the slides makes the software more dynamic than ever before. Presentations can also take place anywhere, whether it’s in the office or at a client’s location.

Multimedia Presentations Made Easy

Office Mix was created with teachers and the educational arena in mind, and its features reflect this important role. However, any presenter from any walk of life can use it to take an ordinary PowerPoint document and transform it into something far interactive. Narrating, writing and drawing on the slide can all be integrated seamlessly with both the presentation and the final result. The new document can be viewed while on the go on any mobile device as well.

Finished mixes can be fine-tuned, changed, updated or corrected at any time. This can be particularly useful in a case with changing fast-circumstances and new information emerging on a regular basis. Videos included in the slides can be easily moved or resized as needed. The order of the slides can also be changed and adjusted quickly.

What many users love most about Office Mix is the all-in-one quality it brings to the presentation process. There’s no longer need to jump around to different apps to create a truly multimedia presentation. Its interactivity sets it apart from other presentation solutions, and we’re certain it can help make your firm’s presentations more professional and useful than ever before.

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