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Here Comes The New Tech

It seems like every year brings a host of revolutionary technological improvements. From what we’re reading, 2019 will be no different. Tech watchers from around the world are looking forward to the next step in blockchain, wireless networks, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence. The latest technology will knock at the door depending on these source.

Here are some of our favorites:

Blockchain to the Rescue

We’ve been hearing blockchain is the next big thing for a couple of years now. Our thinking is that the technology will become more popular as soon as a company makes an easy to understand to consumer solution with a plug and play application. Two companies are on the case — Evernym  and Shopin.

3D Metal Printing

Remember when it was something special to print little houses in plastic? That was so two years ago. At last year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show, HP unveiled Metal Jet, an advanced 3D printing technology that’s capable of creating production-grade metal parts at high volume. And HP is not the only one. Website All3DP took a look at some of the industry’s best in this article. Exciting times.

5G Everywhere

By now you’ve seen all the ads and are clamoring for a faster wireless network. Some of the big boys — Qualcomm, Intel, Nokia, Samsung, and Huawei — have tested and deployed networks around the world, which paves the way for AT&T and Verizon to kick off a mad rush to 5G for mobile device users in the US. The big caveat? iPhones might not be ready until 2020 or later. Steve Jobs would not be happy.

The Cloud Evolution

Watch out for the phrase “Multicloud” this year as CIOs realize that going all in on public cloud or private cloud or data center isn’t the best approach. We see a hybrid approach for cloud-sourcing storage, networking, security, or app deployment becoming popular this year.

Using Data Smarter

Data runs the world. We know that by now. What we didn’t know was that so little of it — some say only 1 percent — is being used effectively. Companies like Microsoft, SAP, and Salesforce are leading the charge to double that percentage this year by focusing on processing power improvements. Some data scientists see that number jumping to 4% by 2020. That’s a big leap.

Augmented (Not Virtual) Reality will Boom

Outside of gaming and some boutique filmmaking, virtual reality is not quite taking off as some had hoped. Augmented reality, though, has the potential to impact businesses much more broadly in 2019. Indeed, AR has a greater ability to help companies offer enterprise-level training more efficiently and economically.

Autonomous Becomes Commonplace

Self-driving cars are all over America’s highways these days and, while somewhat scary, are not big news anymore. Lesser known Autonomous Things (AT) are being used in commercial settings like on farms, in factories, and in parking lots as robot security guards. As Artificial Intelligence (AI) improves, so will AT. That’s either a great thing or the end of humanity.

If a small percentage of these things come true at this time next year, we’ll be heralding 2019 as another revolutionary year in technology. And, as always seems to happen, something from left field will appear and change the world. We can’t wait.