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Time For Holiday Games! And We Have A Few For Everyone.

The holidays are a wonderful time! Typically, its a break from “the grind” where families can get together and spend quality time together. But many of us have been spending a lot more time with our immediate family over the past several months. We might need a bit of inspiration on what to do during the holidays. Because, let’s face it, our creativity may be running low. Not to worry, we are here to help! We’ve got some fun holiday games to play throughout the month, and we are sharing them with you (minimal creativity required). 


Holiday Games For The Kids

Here we have a combination of short and a bit longer games to help keep kids interested, and to keep them from saying the dreaded phrase…”I’m bored”. 

  • 20 Questions – Holiday Style: One player selects a holiday themed object (could be in your home, could be outside). The other players ask the first player “yes” or “no” questions to guess the object. The player that guesses the object wins and gets to select the next object that others will guess. If no one guesses in 20 questions, that player selects another object.  
    • Helpful Tip: If you are playing with younger kids, keep the object simple and consider picking something in the room that you are in. 
  • Holiday Pictionary: Like regular Pictionary, but all the “answers” are holiday songs! Make flashcards of various songs, break up players into even groups, and select the team that goes first. One person from that team selects a card and has one minute to draw the song, while their team members guess the name of the song. Teams take turns drawing songs, until one team reaches 20 points. Need some help with the holiday songs? We’ve got you covered there as well: 100 Holiday Songs. 
  • Holiday Scavenger Hunt: Need a bit of time to get things done? Set up a holiday scavenger house in your home. Hide a variety of holiday themes items or stuffed animals (candy canes, elves, reindeer, etc). Give the kids the list of items to find, and off they go. The player(s) that find the most items on the list wins! 
    • Helpful Tip: The prize for winning could be a mug of hot chocolate, or it could be a small gift. Your choice but keep it simple if you plan to play this game throughout the holidays. 
  • Jingle Bell Toss: Similar to a carnival game, but modified for your home. Set up colorful cups and provide jingle bells that players can toss into the cups. Establish an appropriate distance based on the age of the players, and have a little fun setting up the cups. Think pyramid, snowman shape or even a wreath shape to make it challenging. 
  • Holiday Cookie Decorating: Set up a table and let the kids have fun decorating cookies! Give them frosting, a variety of sprinkles and red hots (let the kids know what these taste like), and free reign to decorate as they please. If you’re up for it, turn the decorating into a contest. 
    • Helpful Tip: If messes are not your thing, you might want to stay away from this idea. Sprinkles can end up on more than the cookies. 
  • Holiday Bingo: Print off free holiday bingo cards, and hunker down for a holiday movie. Anytime an image from the bingo cards pops up in the movie, or a holiday word is said, mark your card. The first person to get five in a row, wins! 

Holiday Games for All Ages

If you have a group of people at various ages, consider a few of these games: 

  • Holiday Name That Tune: Hum or whistle a holiday tune for the group. The first person to “name that tune” wins, and gets to select, and hum or whistle, the next song. 
  • Draw That Snowman…Blindfolded: Gather up paper and washable markers (emphasis on the washable), and a few blindfolds (bandanas work well). Blindfold the players and have them draw a snowman in 2 minutes or less. At the end of the two minutes, the blindfolds come off! 
    • Helpful Tip: This game can be played multiple times, simply pick a new subject to draw (holiday tree, snowflake, present, reindeer, etc.) 
  • Holiday Ring Toss: Grab a couple of reindeer antlers and create rings out of pipe cleaners. Break up your players into groups of two and say go! Players toss their rings onto their teammate’s antlers. The team that has the most rings on the antlers after 1 minute, wins. 
  • Christmas Freeze Dance: Crank up the holiday music and start dancing your best holiday groove. After a bit, turn off the music and shout, “Freeze! The last person to stop dancing is out. Last one standing is a winner. 
  • Unwrap the Holiday Ball: This one takes a bit of prep work. Gather a few fun, simple gifts (think candy, mini hand sanitizer, notepads – things you may find at a dollar store), and plastic wrap. Then, get wrapping! As you wrap up the ball, add the gifts. When it’s time to play, each player gets 30 seconds to unwrap as much of the ball as they can – whatever they unwrapthey get to keep! 

Holiday Games for The Adults

Yes, sometimes the adults need entertainment too. Here we have a few games that can get the holiday party started: 

  • White Elephant: If you are going to play this game, you’ll need to notify your guests in advance. Everyone brings a wrapped gift, that is under an established dollar amount. When all guests are together, everyone draws a number. The person that draws number one selects a gift first and opens it. The person that selects the number two can either select a new gift or steal from the first person. If the gift is stolen, a new gift is chosen. The game continues until the last player selects their gift. This game can go on for a long time, so put some parameters around the number of times a gift can be stolen. 
    • Helpful Tip: Make this even more interesting and let the guests know that the gift should not be purchased, but instead should be something from their home that they no longer want! 
  • Holiday Movie Drinking Game: This one does not need much explanation. Select a movie and a word or phrase. Take a sip each time the word or phrase is said during the movie. If your guests are driving, offer a non-alcoholic beverage, or encourage them to stay over. 
  • Minute to Win It, Build A Snowman: Grab a bag of mini marshmallows and have guests build snowmen (stack three marshmallows) on a table. After one minute, the player that made the most snowmen wins. Then, enjoy some hot chocolate with your “snowmen” (your own snowmen, of course). 
  • Ugly Sweater Contest: Always a favorite. Have your guests arrive at your home in their ugliest sweater – store bought or hand-made is perfectly fine. Vote on who wore the ugliest sweater. 
  • Holiday Themed Charades: Its charades with a holiday twist. Gather a list of holiday movies or songs, break your guests up into teams, and have players act out the song or movie they select from the pile. The team that guesses the most songs or movies, wins. 
  • Minute to Win It, Candy Game: Give each player a plate of holiday covered M&M’s, a straw, and a cup. When you say go, players need to use the straw to “suck up” an M&M and place it in their cup. The player with the most M&M’s in their cup after one minute is the winner…and gets to enjoy the most M&M’s. 

So, there you have it, holiday games to keep people, including you, entertained!  

Happy holidays from the Intivix team!