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HP Competes with Microsoft Surface Pro 3 With the HP Envy x2

People in the market for a tablet/laptop hybrid style device have an increasing number of options to choose from. While the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 claims to have the ability to replace your laptop, the HP 2-in-1 Envy system is competing with a number of specialty design features of its own.

HP Envy x2: Size and Price

You have two size options if buying an HP Envy x2: a 13.3 inch model or a 15.6 inch model. If your goal is to find a tablet that can replace your laptop, you may want to take a closer look at the 15.6” size. Both models provide 1,920 x 1,080 resolution.

The smaller model starts at $950 and will be available in October while the larger model will start at $900 but won’t be available until November.

Features and Accessories

The HP Envy offers a kickstand to angle the screen so it provides an experience similar to what you would have with a laptop. Both sizes of the Envy have a detachable, magnetic keyboard that is backlit. On the larger model, the clickable trackpad is on the right of the keyboard – where most people would place their computer mouse, while on the smaller model, the trackpad is below the keyboard similar to a laptop.

You can use the keyboard whether it is “clicked” into place or not, because it connects to the device with Bluetooth.

Storage and Power

The HP Envy x2 has not released full internal specifications yet, but they have released information about the processors and storage. Both sizes of the Envy will be powered by Intel Core M processors and use 802.11ac wireless. The smaller model will use solid state storage while the larger Envy will have up to 500 GB hybrid hard drive.