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We all know what happens to Jack and Jill when there’s all work and no play. The Intivix team took the saying to heart, having a bit of out of office fun during December.

Taylor Hatten-Milholin (center) during a performance at Dance Mission Theater.


Intivix at the Arts

Intivix’s Client Account Manager Audrey Hatten-Milholin’s daughter, Taylor, performs with Dance Mission Theater’s Youth Program in San Francisco. In early December, the crew presented “Peace On Earth & Justice for All!”

“I enjoy Dance Mission because it gives women a voice and a sense of power in a primarily male-dominated world,” Taylor says. “Dance allows me to be free and advocate for something using art.”

Audrey invited Brandi Manuel, the company’s Marketing and Communications Manager, and her daughter Hayden to one of the shows. “It was quite an impressive experience,” says Brandi.

“Audrey was able to get us seats close to the stage to enhance our experience,” Brandi recalls. “Hayden is 11 and started a bit skeptical, but her thoughts quickly changed once the performance began. She realized they were telling a story through movement and dance. More importantly, she realized the story was about empowering women.”

The performance included engaging visuals, stunning costumes, and a wide variety of dance styles. At one point, Brandi recalls, belly dancers lined the aisles of the theater.

“Taylor’s movement is so fluid and graceful, Brandi says. “It’s obvious to the untrained eye that she places her heart in her dance and is passionate about it. This was a very inspiring and empowering performance. I didn’t want it to end.”


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