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A Password Manager Keeps You Organized and Secure

In today’s contemporary society, people are asked to use an unbelievable amount of passwords, normally without a password manager to keep them organized. You might need one password for a work email, another one for online banking, and several more for any projects or hobbies in which you engage. Each day, you may confront the need to use upwards of five or more passwords as you go about your daily routine. This can make life complicated and confusing. It can also lead to potential security failure, making it possible for someone to break into emails and get access to data that you do not want to share with anyone.


Multiple Passwords Create Security Concerns

There’s a growing risk of falling victim to many threats online, with studies showing $16 billion stolen from 13 million U.S. consumers annually. Securing an online presence is more important than ever. However, most people will make multiple mistakes when creating their passwords. They’ll form passwords that are weak and then repeat them across different platforms, ultimately compromising their secure data.


Invest in a Password Manager

Investing in using a password manager could end up saving you a ton of stress, time and money. A password manager stores all login information for any websites that you use and allows you to log into each of these sites automatically. As part of their overall function, a password manager will create and encrypt your password database with what is known as a master password. This is a password that permits you to log into each of the sites you use without compromising your security.


Intivix Helps with the Security of Your Network

Using a password manager means no more struggling with remembering complicated and confusing login information and no longer having to use the same weak passwords on every website. Intivix can implement a password-saving service for your company that will remember all passwords you have utilized for each site. Every time you log in to that site, all you need to do is use that single password. Now you can devote your time and memory space to other, far more important things in your life.

If you’re considering a password manager, this site takes a look at 94 different password-saving apps, compares them, and makes recommendations for the best password manager for you.

However, before you purchase a password manager, give Intivix a call. They’ll make recommendations for the best password manager for you.