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Intivix Goes Above and Beyond with Technology Tips

What separates Intivix from our competitors? Simply put, it’s our ability to choose the road less traveled. We prefer doing things the right way – not the easy way. We are able to cultivate the highest level of quality across our business by staying agile in how we approach change and growth. To establish and maintain ourselves as trusted IT experts we have taken on an empathetic, agendaless approach to relationship management. At the end of the day, we’re in this together.  Intivix goes above and beyond with our exceptional customer service, delivering technology tips to help you improve your business operations.

Technology Tips of The Week: How to Safely Work From Home with Intivix

Who doesn’t like working remotely from time to time? If you are thinking of using your personal device, whether it be your smartphone or personal laptop – think again. Unprotected devices have a high chance of vulnerability and can accidentally introduce a virus to your company’s network. Intivix managed service plans fully protect you and your business from potential security risks, no matter where your work takes you.

We Are Here For You

At Intivix, we truly understand your pain points and are here to help you work through them every step of the way. Besides being a dependable advisor, our solutions start with excellent design, great functionality, and proactivity in mind. Through years of experience, we have found that those who choose to nickel and dime their managed services, often end up spending more in the long run. Here at Intivix, we’d rather just do it right by putting your needs first. We are able to set up your devices to ensure the highest level of security for your data, regardless if you are working from home or the beach. Learn more about what Intivix can do for you – connect with us today!