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In Our Time Providing IT Consulting to San Francisco Businesses, We’ve Grown a Lot

And, we’ve learned a lot, too. Running a full-time IT services agency in the Bay Area demands a willingness to adapt to changes and grow with the times that have defined us. This is, however, only part of what has made us a leader in San Francisco IT Consulting.

The rest of it?

We’ve decided to respond to some FAQs our prospective clients have sent us, to speak in that regard:

What is your response time as IT consultants in San Francisco?

If you mean, do we have a 24/7-available help desk, then yes, we have that. And, our remote and onsite monitoring mean IT issues are mitigated (usually) in around an hour or less time.

What does it cost to retain your services as an IT consulting firm?

The cost is surprisingly low, being that we only charge you for service call-outs or questions you need to be answered; that kind of thing. As IT consulting firms in San Francisco rate, we’re priced very reasonably.

Put it this way – if you were to suffer a catastrophic data loss or data center downtime (now equivalent to an hour or more of downtime for small businesses, averaging around $400,000), then wouldn’t the cost of having someone on-call who could have prevented it seem minuscule?

Would you say you take a proactive approach to small business IT consulting?

We would say that – and truly mean it! Our proactive IT service style helps to mitigate network system problems before they arise, as opposed to the “putting out small fires” approach employed by the “charge by the hour” IT firms who keep you in an endless cycle of break-repair-break…

How experienced is your IT consulting team?

We’re a growth-oriented IT company and consulting team made up of two principle partners – Rob Schenk and Dan Gordon – along with Director of Technology Edward Griffin and 16 supporting associates who collectively wield enough experience, qualifications, and certifications to keep our healthy cache of clients happy all year long!

Ready for our learned and able IT consultants to optimize your business computer networking?

Intivix provides the most sensible, engaged IT services in San Francisco for small, medium, and large businesses, and we also provide a free consultation as part of our services.

Contact one of our friendly IT consultants today at (415) 543-1033 for more info on how our brand of IT consulting in San Francisco will deliver you just the right IT solutions and strategies for your forward business growth vector.