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IT Practices for the Modern Business That Actually Save Money

The modern business has many tools at its disposal, but with that comes new threats, more competition and efficiency blunders. IT for every-day operations and future growth is a necessity that can be costly and confusing. Instead of fumbling through trial-and-error IT, embrace successful strategies employed by prosperous businesses large and small.

Do more with less

Business 101 says to work smarter, not harder. With this in mind, many successful companies are making the switch to platforms such as the cloud. The cloud is a way for companies to promote collaboration, streamline both the client and employee experience, and to collect and protect data.

Get apps

Yes, companies are using apps. Companies are embracing app efficiency and readiness to boost profits and productivity. Many companies are deploying their own apps to improve daily operations and communication.

Use data to steer the conversation

For today’s modern businesses, leveraging real-time data and metrics to drive business decisions is critical. Companies have to make decisions based on data, and the modern business does. Cloud services make it easy to collect, analyze, encrypt, and recover data. Any company decision should be data-driven, but companies have to remember that protecting this data is just as important.

Make the client experience top priority

Your client has a direct relationship with your company’s IT, whether you realize it or not. In the modern business age, how do people communicate and connect with your company?

First, if your company does not have a website, it essentially does not exist. Your first mode of contact with a client is via your website, and the second is an interaction with your company. How will your client navigate your website, how will each interaction reduce stress and anxiety for the client, how can each interaction move quickly, and how well is your company doing its job to protect the client’s personal data?

Each must be considered in your IT strategy. Many companies turn to outside IT resources to provide an excellent client service experience to the end user population.

Hire an MSP

More companies are making the switch from a single IT person or in-house team to an MSP (Managed Service Provider). You can benefit from an MSP that takes the time to get to know your business, your goals, your growth potential, and your operational processes to devise a plan for successful and affordable IT solutions. Instead of paying for IT salaries, energy costs for large IT spaces, ineffective and outdated software or infrastructure, and pay-as-it-breaks services, an MSP requires only one monthly fee that is based on your company’s needs. An MSP manages, protects and assumes the responsibility of handling all aspects of a company’s IT strategy. An MSP also allows businesses to cut the fat from the IT budget.