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Why You Need IT Security For Your Business

When running a business, it is not just the large corporations that have to worry about IT security. Small businesses have network security concerns just like large companies. They require protection from hackers, viruses, malware, and all other possible threats. If you have data, there is someone out there who wants to access and expose it.  This will lead to fines and the loss of clients for your company.


The best practices for a small business include leveraging an IT support company to handle all your security needs. However, not all solutions are created equally. The best security should be a four-tiered system, which includes these components: anti-virus protection, firewall, anti-spam protection, and DNS filtering. Here we explain in detail more about the functions of each of these features.

Anti-Virus Protection

You hear the term “anti-virus” thrown around quite often, but what exactly is it? Anti-virus software is a set of programs that are designed specifically to detect, search for, prevent, and remove software viruses. These are just a few common forms of viruses found today:

  • Adware: This software has been designed to show advertisements on your desktop or mobile device.  It will gather marketing information once you click on them. They usually show up as pop-ups or banners.
  • Botnet: A specialized network built up by cybercriminals that leaves behind a “bot” program.  This wing hackers to take control of your computer.
  • Phishing: Comes in the form of false emails or URL links that mislead users into giving up private information like bank account numbers.


A firewall is a type of software that reviews information coming into your network from the Internet or another network. It screens for viruses, hackers, and worms that try to reach your computer or mobile device over the Internet. A firewall will help prevent your computer from sending out malicious software to other computers.  It is best to use it in conjunction with anti-virus software.

Anti-Spam Protection

Spam is mostly found in email form and you will repeatedly send unsolicited messages to the same site. Also found in blogs, search engines, instant messaging, and more.  These unwanted forms of advertisement can lead to loss of productivity and fraud. Anti-spam protection can stop spam from entering a system.

DNS Filtering

Domain Name System (DNS) filtering is a way of denying access to particular websites. This is especially important in a business because it can help eliminate distractions. When employees are caught up on social media sites all day.  This will decrease productivity and costs your business money. DNS filtering also reduces the possibility of an employee clicking on a dangerous link on a web site that is not secure.

When looking to leverage your company’s IT security, Intivix is ideal, we offer this four-tier network security system. We know that protecting your data is critical in this era of online crime.  We will use all four layers to make sure it is safe. With our security methodology, your small business will increase productivity and profits.

If you’re in the San Francisco area and are interested in finding out more about this or other essential cybersecurity topics, please don’t hesitate to contact Intivix at (628) 867-6130, or by sending us an email at: [email protected]