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Intivix provides Cyber Security consulting services for large and small firms throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Hackers have become quite skilled at trying to invade even the most sophisticated of security systems. Weak or outdated network security services just aren’t up to the task, and the risk of being vulnerable is far too great for your business. The loss of proprietary information or sensitive client records could spell the end of what you’ve spent your life to build. IT security services are not a luxury in today’s market. They are an absolute necessity.  You see the need to partner with a top-tier managed IT support firm specializing in cyber security solutions. But a quick internet search of the San Francisco Bay Area yields hundreds of names.

How do you choose?

Which company is the right one to provide network security services for you? It can seem a daunting task indeed.

Cybercriminals are harder at work than ever before. Many people think that the greatest thing at stake for them is the breaching of client confidentiality. While this is very serious and should not be underestimated, those involved in cybercrime are looking for more than just sensitive client information that would spell the end of your business.  They want to use the data they collect from you, and they have developed many different ways to do just that.

Why Should I Hire Intivix As My Cyber Security Company In The San Francisco Bay Area?

Keeping your IT infrastructure safe from hackers is a full-time job in and of itself. And much like technology itself, the tools of cybercriminals are ever changing. Here are some helpful steps.  This is why Intivix has become the default cyber security consulting company for large and small organizations throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

Be aware of the current risks

They say forewarned is forearmed. You can’t be prepared for attack if you don’t know what it is or where it is coming from. Taking the time to educate yourself about the current vulnerabilities facing businesses today is key to establishing a data protection strategy.

Once this has been accomplished, it is time to evaluate your own IT infrastructure with a critical eye. Your intent is to seek out any areas which require shoring up to prevent easy intrusion by hackers. Any weaknesses must be eliminated. For many people, this task seems very overwhelming, and it can be. Making use of a managed IT support provider like Intivix who specialize in network security services can be your best line of defense. Intivix is a leading expert in cyber security solutions. They know what to look for and what to do when they find it. Choosing to partner with them will save you valuable time as well as money. You will rest more easily at night knowing that Intivix is on the job for you.

Make use of data encryption.

Hackers are on the lookout for any information that can lead them to money. Anything from social security numbers to bank routing information is of great importance to them. Intivix can implement full disk encryption services into your IT infrastructure. It is a simple procedure that takes little time but provides maximum benefit when it comes to protecting vital data.
But this software does not come without its precautions. For it to be effective, employees must log out each time they walk away from their computer terminals. Cybercriminals take advantage of lulls in logged-in activity to infect your systems with viruses such as Malware and Ransomware.  Not only will they steal your data, but they will then try to sell it back to you – using their own encryption tools to lock you out of that which is already yours! With ever-present cyber threats looming over you every day, partnering with an IT security support firm has never been more important.

Physically secure your hardware.

Not all cyber threats are software-based. Sometimes simple device theft is to blame. To prevent loss of data due to lost or stolen hardware acquisitions, it is critical to have an action plan for extra security measures in case of emergency. Most computers are equipped with Kensington lock ports which when utilized make it more difficult for thieves to walk off with your property.
In addition to this, keeping all of your technological equipment behind locked doors will also keep unsavory characters out.  Companies like Intivix specialize in network security services strategy to keep your hardware where it is supposed to be—in your office, functioning optimally for you.

Make cybersecurity top priority at your company.

Approach security measures as a team. Enlist the help of your employees in this all-important mission. To do this, you must have a policy which is specific to your industry, and in particular, your business. This will mean determining which internet habits will be allowed and which will not. This is not about making friends—it’s about keeping you, your employees, and your business safe. Best office practices include an IT support services protocol regarding what is safe to open and what is not.  Not sure how to do that? You don’t have to be. Intivix knows your industry and the threats to it and can customize a policy that is right for your office.  Cybercrime is a scary thing. Never has criminal behavior been easier. But you don’t have to lose sleep over it.

Let the Intivix expert cyber security solutions team manage your network security services for you.


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