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Intivix Provides IT Solutions for Better Project Management and Regulatory Compliance

Intivix specializes in providing biotechnology companies with IT solutions for regulatory compliance, project management, and data analysis. The jobs of scientists, technicians, and chemists require the detailed evaluation of large amounts of data while following government regulations. Even for the most seasoned biotechnology professionals, this is a difficult proposition. That’s why our Intivix team offers biotechnology firms powerful IT solutions. Our advanced software helps biotechnology companies manage projects, comply with changing regulations, reduce costs, maximize infrastructure, complete maintenance projects, and more. Let our team work with your biotechnology firm to improve your efficiency with custom IT solutions.

Why Biotechnology Companies Should Utilize IT Solutions

At Intivix, our team of engineers are ready to help your biotechnology firm tackle any problems it may face. We offer a plethora of IT solutions and services, including managed services, cloud services, IT consulting, network security, and communication systems.
We want to enhance your company’s efficiency and that begins with an audit of your current IT infrastructure. We’ll evaluate the performance of your current

“With cutting edge technology advancing rapidly and business competition intensifying so quickly, there is no advantage in waiting to optimize our information technology. Every small business needs a firm like Intivix that keeps up and keeps us up on technology today. We leverage Intivix’s expertise to optimize our Internet operations, manage our networking infrastructure, and develop our technical direction. We are happy to have them as a resource.”

Robin Paniagua
Operations Manager ItalFoods, Inc.

We Understand the Unique
Challenges Facing the
Biotechnology Industry

Biotechnology companies have unique challenges and pressures from government, industry partners, and clients. We understand that data protection is absolutely critical in the biotechnology industry. We utilize a plethora of IT tools to keep your data safe from online threats, hackers, and malware. Our team applies this same diligence to all of the problems your business face, and our IT solutions help countless biotechnology companies improve productivity and comply with regulations. We want to help you become a more effective business and meet the needs of your clients, and our IT solutions can help you do it.


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