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Intivix Improves Your Logistics with Real-Time Information

Our teams at Intivix are dedicated to helping companies improve their transportation, distribution, and logistics with IT solutions. When it comes to distribution, managing schedules, routes, and delivering shipments, being on time is critical. Your business needs to know how to avoid hazards and time consuming routes. This can’t be done without real-time information. At Intivix, our engineers utilize real-time information to help you make better distribution and logistics decisions. With real-time information, you can improve your distribution efficiency, making deliveries faster with fewer disruptions.

Benefits of Utilizing IT Solutions for
Distribution and Logistics

By working with Intivix, your business can dramatically improve operational efficiency and make faster, more reliable deliveries. A more effective delivery system helps to create new business opportunities and improve customer service for existing clients. We utilize new technologies in order to help you improve communications, track assets, manage routes, and more. Here are several of the distribution and logistics IT solutions we offer our clients:

Asset Tracking

Track your products and manage your logistics operations remotely.

Fleet Management

Manage schedules, routes, fuel costs, run vehicle diagnostics, and vehicle maintenance decisions remotely.

Real-Time Information to Make More Informed Distribution

Get critical real-time information and make informed logistics decisions.

“Intivix has been an invaluable resource, helping us with network conversions, security, maintenance and more. However, it’s more than that. They take the time and make an effort to get to really know us and what we do. They understand our role as a non-profit and provide solutions tailored to organizational goals.”

John Schaver
CIO United Way of the Bay Area

Get Innovative Distribution and Logistics Solutions Based on Your Needs

Our team at Intivix believes that all businesses have unique distribution and logistics needs. Even businesses within the same industry have different needs and challenges when it comes to distribution. That’s why we develop each company’s distribution and logistics solutions based on their unique needs. Make sure that your company has the real-time information that it needs to improve operational efficiency and maximize resources. With effective and reliable distribution, you can build trust with your Clients and reach new markets.


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