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J. Ovenell 101: The Man Behind The Voice

Positive energy. It can be hard to come by these days. But when you meet someone that just exudes positive energy, you naturally gravitate towards them and want to know more about them and their story. That’s what you will get with Justin Ovenell.

Justin is a Remote Help Desk Engineer at Intivix. He spends his days assisting our customers with their IT challenges on a daily basis. From solving client needs by a phone call or email to working on complicated server issues, he helps with it all. And, as you might expect, since we are dealing with technology-based issues, the approach to solving challenges is collaborative. It starts with a conversation and ends with a resolved situation and a happy client that can continue on with their day. He’s been with Intivix for a little over a year, and a half, which translates into many, many challenges solved.

The beauty of this role for Justin is that his day is never the same. It’s pretty hard (near impossible) to predict when a customer may need support, and what form of support they may need. For Justin, this is great. It means that he will never have a dull day, that he has the opportunity to work with a host of different technologies and that he gets to fix issues for clients. And fixing issues for clients makes his day. He not only takes pride in it; he finds joy in helping them.

This helping mentality isn’t new for Justin. His volunteering background is vast, and it has taken him across the world. He’s been to South Africa, Ecuador, and Mexico on both short, and long-term mission trips focused on helping those living there. From painting and fixing up their homes, to assisting them with other needs, to simply lending a listening ear or spreading his faith, his goal is to help wherever he can.

These mission trips have also been a great opportunity for Justin to stay fluent in Spanish, which he learned while studying abroad in Ecuador for a year. It’s also likely part of the reason that he’s got the travel bug. Which is great, because his wife Josilyn, also has the travel bug. They’ve been married for two years and within the past year, they’ve been to San Francisco, Denver, North Dakota, as well as a few other places. They’ve got bigger plans on their travel wishlist including Columbia and Peru when the time is right.

In the meantime, these two spend their time together outdoors. They currently live in Montana, which gives them the perfect opportunity to truly enjoy the outdoor life. Visiting family cabins, boating, wakeboarding, water skiing or simply floating in the river is how these two like to relax. And don’t forget about camping! And this is camping in the true sense of the word – you won’t catch these two in a camper. They are sleeping in tents enjoying the night sky, the stars, and yes, the bugs.

Another favorite past time is exploring small towns in the area in their ’93 Mazda Miata. It’s a fun car to tool around in, and tool around with. Justin recently repaired the clutch on the car. Why? Well, for starters it went out and needed to be fixed, and Justin is a car guy. He likes learning about cars and is a muscle car enthusiast. Although the recent insurgence of electric cars has really grabbed his attention. These cars are a fusion of two of his passions, automobiles, and technology, and the odds of him getting an electric car in the future are pretty high.

As you would expect technology is a passion and a pastime. He’s currently working on setting up a virtual lab with the goal of expanding his knowledge on the subject. This project stems from the recent buzz in the tech world around moving to virtual servers and pushing cloud services. And, rather than simply read about it, Justin decided to dig in and set the lab up. This learning not only expands his knowledge on the topic but also provides him with even more knowledge to help Intivix clients.

His tinkering on the virtual lab may slow down a bit during football season though. He’s a big Denver Broncos fan, as well as a Montana State Broncos fan. His love of football ties in nicely with his wife’s love of cooking and hosting get-togethers. According to Justin, Josilyn is a great cook and hostess. And their cat, Aboo, enjoys the attention that comes from their get-togethers as well. The tabby cat is quite the snuggle bug. And yes, the name came from the monkey in the 1992 Disney film Aladdin. Although they haven’t watched the remake of the movie yet, they certainly plan to. Ultimately, the couple focuses on experiences and enjoying the moment that they are in.

So, the next time you call the Help Desk and have the opportunity to chat with Justin, not only will he help solve your IT issue, but you’ll also leave the call with a bit more positive energy flowing through you. And, if you do get the chance, ask him about how he met his wife. It’s a cute story.