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An IT Background that is a Bit Off the Beaten Path

Each Intivix employee has their own story. A story that has shaped who they are and how they approach the world. Kyle Ramirez, Systems Engineer at Intivix, took a slightly unique path to Information Technology (IT) and to Intivix. Some might think it is a bit atypical for an IT consultant, but once you really dig in, you’ll find that his focus on technology has been a part of him since his early years. And that focus, coupled with his natural curiosity and hobbies, is what makes Kyle the person he is today.

Kyle and Support Services

Kyle is a valuable combination of IT consulting, technical skills, relatability, and possesses the knack for identifying challenges and turning them into opportunities for our clients. A rare find that Intivix is proud to have on the team.

Kyle began his journey with Intivix on April Fools’ Day in 2016, but he’s joining the team was no joke. He came on board in support of our Help Desk and quickly transitioned into our Field Engineer role. In both capacities, he was solving problems, providing IT consulting, and building relationships with our clients. His natural curiosity for all things technical and helping others, also drove him to find new opportunities for our client’s opportunities that optimized the IT support services that we provide to them. Essentially, Kyle finds ways to make technology function better for the client, based on their individualized needs and how they use their systems.

This focus on optimizing systems was a huge benefit to our clients, and to Intivix, and naturally, his role evolved to that of Systems Engineer. Talk about an ideal role, Kyle has the flexibility to continue to optimize systems for clients, leverage his technical expertise for troubleshooting, and solve challenges with creativity. He couldn’t be happier.

Kyle’s Childhood

Kyle is a San Francisco native and his troubleshooting mindset began with his childhood where he would frequently take things apart and put them back together, much to the chagrin of his parents. As young child pens and mechanical pencils were the starting point, learning how the interconnected parts moved and came together, but it didn’t stop there. Kyle’s Dad once accidentally purchased a pallet of old servers back in the days of dot-com liquidation auctions and Kyle was eventually able to piece something together, load in an operating system, and begin using that as his own personal computer.

Kyle and Sarah

His drive to tinker didn’t stop with technology, it expanded into the realm of mechanical engineering within automotive and bicycling. For his daily commuting vehicle, before his career in Information Technology, Kyle worked at bike shops in Southern California and New York City. During those years he crafted his abilities to filter a wide variety of new and innovative technology options into recommendations for burgeoning and experienced cyclists, providing right-sized solutions appropriate for the needs of his customers. His cycling days still continue today, biking for long stretches with his girlfriend of three years, Sarah. A mixed-gathering picnic kicked things off for those two and they spent almost all of their time in California at the beach, wine tasting, hiking, and trying their hand at cooking interesting dishes. Zucchini noodles or ‘Zoodles’ is the current cooking trend for these two.

Kyle and Sarah recently moved to Missouri to support family, enjoy a change of pace, and develop new skills that you typically wouldn’t develop living in big cities like New York and San Francisco. Missouri also lends itself to their love of wildlife, hiking, and the great outdoors. In fact, their “bucket list” includes visiting each of the National Parks. They’ve already got a good start in, checking off Yosemite National Park and Pinnacles National Park where they were in awe of the California condors, the non-pelagic bird species with the largest wingspan in North America.

Being Outside

Their time outdoors and the time he spends exploring new hobbies is how Kyle unplugs. And, when he unplugs, he really unplugs! You might not think an IT guy would be able to live without his phone or apps, but outside of work, he likes to leave the ‘connected-ness’ behind and enjoy the world he is living in. Photography is one of Kyle’s creative outlets. He sees it as a way to tell a story, and capture images to evoke beauty or a unique perspective. Birdwatching is also on Kyle’s list of enjoyments, enjoying nature and new creatures like the cardinal, which he saw recently after his move to Missouri.

Work-Life Balance

For Kyle, life is all about balance. Sure, at work you’ll see him behind three monitors with wireless headphones and wireless charging everything, but outside of work he switches gears and really lives in the moment. This living in the moment approach is how he and Sarah take on life and plan for future adventures. Traveling to Australia, Japan and Korea are part of that future planning, but each for different reasons. Australia has the outdoors and wildlife that they both love, while Japan and Korea have the cultural differences and technological advancements that they’d love to experience. In all three locations, they expect a widening of their perspectives. It’s that curiosity mindset shining through!

Kyle’s outlook on life is uncommon, and he brings his approach to Intivix, along with a balanced IT philosophy. He believes outsourced IT should work for the user. Technology should be personalized, flexible, address pain points, and work for you. Kyle’s solutions will never require you to drastically change the way you work to meet the technology. If you have the chance to chat with Kyle, ask him about his philosophy and three-point plan with onboarding new clients – it’s a great way to get a look into how his creative and curious mind works.