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A Lack Of Employee Training Could Be Setting Your Business Up For Disaster

Cybersecurity tops the list of concerns for businesses today. Each new day brings yet another scary headline and adds name after name to the list of firms hit by some form of cyber attack. Hackers are making billions of dollars by targeting companies, defrauding them of funds or stealing sensitive data that can be sold off for profit.

Ransomware, social engineering, and phishing scams continue to prove effective for cybercriminals, which means the threat won’t subside anytime soon. And in case you were under the impression your business’ size makes you less of a target, I have more bad news – 71% of data breaches happen to small and mid-sized businesses. These breaches aren’t the ones making headlines, but they are no less damaging.

Intivix wants to contribute to making sure your business doesn’t become one of these statistics. It’s why we offer cyber security training for your employees. More often than not, your staff believes that just because there are firewalls, antimalware software, and other security precautions in place they have nothing to worry about. But the fact is, human error causes 95% of breaches.

One small mistake can cause an enormous problem. The best way to avoid a bad situation? By focusing on your business’ weakest link – your staff. Proper education and training can help your employees to spot and avoid threats.

By choosing us as your IT provider, you’ve trusted Intivix with the task of keeping your network secure. Part of that job is staying on top of current trends, and finding ways to address them. Right now, that trend is cyber security attacks, and the best way to deal with the issue is to train your staff appropriately, as they are your first line of defense.

To help make that happen, Intivix is offering security awareness training for your employees. The service also includes compliance policy templates, phishing campaign tests, risk assessments, and more. The more we can to help you avoid disaster, the happier both our teams will be. Get in touch with us at [email protected] to learn more about this program, and receive all necessary details. Simply make this training mandatory for your staff, and let us take care of the rest.

Ready to get started? Contact us at [email protected] or (415)-549-9681. We’re committed to keeping your business secure.